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Got rear ended and lowsided on the same day :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Today started out as a pretty odinary day. Went out in the morning with my bike to my friends place. Pick up his bike and his brother(+his bike) then headed to west melb to get the two bikes serviced. On the way we dropped into the city for parts.

    We got to elizibeth st just opposite the bike shops I was just looking for places where we can park. We were in the right lane and I just decided to go up the left the cars to get on to the foot path. I saw my friend's brother filter after me. As soon as I saw him following me, a 4x4 cut me off. For me I said I'll stop fine, wasnt going fast. When I stopped to put me foot down and out of nowhere I felt like someone kicked me in the back. I just let my bike rolled forward. Looked in my mirror to see wat just hit me since there was no one else behind me except my friends brother. Fortunately he hit my rear wheel with his front wheel so no damage done. Both of us was still on our bikes.

    After the we got to the place to service our bikes. He said we needed to replace chain+sprockets but he didnt have the chain. So I'd just said I'll drop in to the city to get parts again.

    I got the parts we needed and was on my way back. I had to do a right hand turn at a small intersection(last one to get to the place only 20m away from my destination). I was going at about 30-40kph started the lean in abit. At about 1/3 way into the turn I felt like the bikes path was starting to go straight. Then the bike just slipped out under me :shock: I didnt fell my impact on to the road but remember the part where I was sliding one the road. I slid for about 3m with the bike sliding infront of me. A guy at the servo came out and asked if I was ok or not. and helped me pick the bike up.

    Damage: Scratched RHS fairings, engine case, scratched front fairings, scratched mirror and scratched exhaust. For me just a grazed knee and lost abit of confidance in riding this particular bike...

    I'm still trying to work out why it happened. I can think of a few things. 1.Oil on the rode. I looked there wasnt really any that I can see. 2.Tyres. This set has been sitting around for a year and I dont know how old it actully is. Also since it hasnt been ridden much theres big shiny parts on both sides of the tyres. A few days before my frineds wash this bike and put tye shine thingy on the sides. I said to them that watch that it doesnt go on where the trye goes on the road.. 3. Me. I wasnt that used to the bike since its my friends bike but it's very similar(Its a cbr250r) to my bike. I might have missed judge the turn but I dont think I did. I went into the turn like normal. 30kph (max 40) for a 3.5m radius turn, my bike did ok in the same turn and conditions...

    I cant think of anything else that I've could have done wrong or should I just put this as another experience in riding.... :?
  2. Tyre shine is evil man... I don't even put it on the car's tyres. It does make it look good, but damn is it slippery as all fcuk.
  3. Sorry to hear Sweeris glad you are Ok.
  4. I vote number 3.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. :eek: I vote 2 lol, Tyre shine caused my first off too, Don't go near the shit now. Would rather bathe my tyres in oil, wouldn't be as slippery :LOL: