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Got pulled up by Cops this morning ...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. On my way to work this morning, went via bangholme ( a cpl of nice corners there ), right at Cheltenham Rd, stopped at a set of lights before the eastlink overpass, I notice a police bike directly behind me. " no stress" I thought, I've done nothing wrong.
    Lights go green, I take off and may a little room for him to pass, he gives me a wave and off he goes .. all is well.
    Took a left at Bennet St a few 100 metres before my factory he is behind me lights blazing :shock:
    I pull over, dismount, remove helmet & gloves. After the G'days, he tells me the reason I got pulled over was to check if I was riding a LAMS bike. ( 2.5 weeks before I'm off my restrictions )
    He further states I was riding well, good positioning etc . He says the hornet looks like a 600 to him. ( probably cause it looks like one with me on it ):grin: I tell him that's another reason I'm in no rush to upgrade :wink: Checks my label ( was a bugger removing it from it's tube ) ... it's all good (LAMS) on sticker.
    He takes a look at my NR plate surround and comments on how good the site is. I reply yep, love the site. It's then he admits to being a contributor there for a while :-k
    It was Hubie from 'Ask Police' :LOL:
    Chatted a while .. checked out his BMW with its Gadgets .. cool looking bike :wink:
    Anyway, he seemed quite a nice guy. Was def not rude or arrogant like some I've come across. I'm kinda guessing though, most motorcycle cops can't be bad, afterall they share our passion of bikes.

    So if you're still lurking here Hubie 'Have a good one' :)
  2. That's funny :p

    So your rego tube doesn't rotate? Thinking about one :?
  3. Some motorcycle cops are total *$#@. I dont like cops very much, it seems that too many of a certain type of people join the police force... the 'I want power and am above the law' type rather than the 'I want to protect the community and make it a better place'.

    I'm sure there are many exceptions as many mature with age etc. Other than that, its partially due to the culture there, with so much emphasis on minor traffic incidents rather than important things.

    Flame me or not, thats just my opinion.
  4. I guess if you're going to get pulled over by a cop, may as well be a Netrider cop!
  5. I find the police, normally react to your temperament at the time. if your nice, they are normally pretty casual. If your being a twat, well that leads you know where.

    Benefit of the doubt, they do a job, and are bit***d about by everyone. Cut em some slack.
  6. The two I've come across in recent times have both been great guys. I had walked my daughter to school and was walking back home with my son, when we came across a motorbike cop parked at the side of the road (think he was doing a spot check of some cars parked there). Anyway he called us over, we chatted about bikes, he invited my son to climb up and sit on his bike, which was a real thrill for him. The other time was earlier this year on the St Andrews - Kinglake road when I had pulled over to chuck on a jumper underneath my jacket as it was cold. He pulled over to see I was ok and we had a good chat about bikes for a while before we both moved on.

    I guess there was a third :LOL: last year I was sitting dutifully in traffic, in no particular rush and not filtering up the front, when up comes a police bike filtering through, who stopped near me and made motions to me that I should filter up as well. I was so stunned I just sat there with my mouth open :LOL:
  7. The NSW motorcycle cop who pinged me on the radar out of Bega three years ago was a real nice guiy too; he knew I'd been doing a lot more than he booked me for (checked my back tyre and went "hmmmm" :LOL:).

    He commented that he was going to have to book me, but would pitch it low "because you haven't been a smart-aleck like lots of riders are".
  8. great story... what a good bloke..
  9. Did you tell Hubie that you'd be late for work now and that you'd have to speed in order to get there on time? :p
  10. I read through that whole Ask Police section when I started at NR - in fact, it was one of the things that got me lurking here in the first place.

    Sure, people don't like getting fined or losing their license. Sure, it is easy to blame the cop who caught you rather than admit that you were in the wrong. Sure, it is easy to say that the laws are stupid and were not made with bikes in consideration.

    But the fact remains that motorcycle riders are far more likely to be injured (or worse) in the event of an accident than a passenger in a car suffering the same accident. It might be true that the probability of having the accident at all is greater in a car compared to a bike, but the consequences are potentially far worse for the rider.

    So all things considered, we should give the cops some slack. Particularly those who are actually decent to riders when they do deal with them. They have a tough job, and I certainly wouldn't want to do it. But I'm glad that somebody does it nonetheless.
  11. It can't be an easy job especially with the money they make.

    Used to have a neighbour who was a cop (highway petrol one at that). Great guy, normal bloke so I can't condemn the entire profession. Parking inspectors on the other hand... :evil:
  12. That's a spot of luck eh?
  13. Toecutter: Nah it seemed a little 'firm' so had to pop the end of the tube off and slide the sticker out. That said, even if it did rotate, you couldn't see the 'LAMS' printed as it overlapped.

    :LOL: smee ! I was about 200 metres from work .. I doubt the little hornet could break the limit in that short distance :oops:
  14. I got pulled over yesterday coincidentally!

    I was waiting to turn right but my poor little NSR wouldn't trigger the light, so kept an eye out, indicated and took off straight. Just as I planted it, the light went orange, so a took off spiritedly :grin: (PS I did a mono for the first time the other day, but that's OT :grin: )

    Straight away "Woooooo". Cop was sitting on the front of the lights going the other way. He did a U-bolt. :(

    I was just friendly with him, I said 'I had to go straight, the bike wasn't triggering the light' he said, 'nah you're right mate, I'll just check your license'. He said it was the bike that drew his attention to me - apparently there is a dude on another NSR that they are looking for.

    So...who's been naughty near the Sandringham / Brighton area on an NSR?!?! You got people lookin' for ya! :wink:
  15. very unlucky. Bega don't have motobike HWP normally. They are blow ins for a week or so.

    With only 2 HWP cars in Bega it can be very easy to do a spin past the cop shop and see if both cars are parked or not :cool:

    Presently they have a crunch SS, as well as a normal marked car.
  16. ive only been pulled over once myself, but that was for a RBT.

    just because i left from a pub doesnt mean i was drinking a beer or other alcoholic beverages.

    they were polite etc, i didnt actually think they were after meeeeee.. tho i was kinda waiting for them to 'pass' soilly me.
  17. thats great you had a good experience

    i got a 'nod from a motorbike cop the other day, and on a ride with my mate a wave from a cop with a radar :) glad we werent speeding hehe
  18. god bless you, Hubie
  19. its just like any job - theres good ones and bad ones and ones that have had a shitty day.

    my last experience fukin sucked - really pissed me off. approached a booze bus with an empty que, they waved two cars in front of me straight through then waved me in.

    Did the test, im booze free, send me on my way... cop car follows me for about 1km then pulls me over in the darkest stretch of road possible. Two fat middle aged dudes, first thing the white one says is "your mudguards undersized" im like... er... its stock... he keeps going on about it - i just say er ok.

    Its 2 or 3am and freezing cold & im not in the mood to argue!

    he takes my licence & they go sit in the car. It starts raining. They radio in licence check & it looked like they get a response straight away. It starts pissing down. They sit in there for 15 minutes then eventually get out & hand back my licence and thats it.

    I got drenched & it completely ruined my night. Next time I'm pulled over I'll keep going until i see somewhere "safe" (ie a servo with warm undercover area!) to stop. assholes.
  20. Why do people think the cop is a good bloke? Typically he pulled over a bike on the off chance he might find something to ping them on. The idiot thought a 250 was a 600 what other mistakes does he make?

    Why doesn't he pull over some of the unroadworthy shit boxes driving our roads instead of harassing motorcyclists? Stand on the side of a main road and within moments you will see some unroadworthy piece of crap driving past.
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