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Got pulled over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by captainmorgan, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. This morning on my way to work I got pulled over, about 300 metres from home (in Heidelberg, Melb). The same thing happened last week! Both cases were so they could check my licence, rego and waste my time. Is this because I have L plates? Has anyone else had this happen in Melbourne recently?

  2. never been pulled over on the bike. perhaps you're a shifty looking bastard. :grin:
  3. Its an unfortunate fact that motorcycles are notorious for unlicenced riders and riding over the size/power restriction (something like 10% depending on your source)....so this is only natural for coppers to give the bikes some extra scrutiny.

    Don't hold it against them...they are just doing their job and didnt book you on some trumped up charge....so a few minutes of your time should not be a real worry. If you actually bother to chat to them about why you are pulled over, they are normally quite resonable about the reasons, and like most of us they are just following the mandates of their bosses.

    Save your grief for when you are pinged for a technical breach so they can fulfill their quota...then I'll support your complaint.

    ..and yes it seems to be quite common. 3* myself in 2 years. No tickets, just a nice chat.
  4. If it happens again just mention politely that it's happened twice already and ask why (if it's the same cop each time then you can probably start feeling paranoid :LOL: )

    I don't mind it all if it's just a licence and rego check and the cop has no "attitude" problem. There's too many "unriders" unlicenced/unregistered who boost the casualty figures and about the only way they can be found is by random checks.
  5. I've been driving for 12 years and riding for 3 months. Last week was the first time I've ever been pulled over! The cop last week was really nice, this morning the guy had attitude.
  6. Never been pulled over yet.
  7. Oooooooh there'll be some people in trouble if they start pulling people over for that! :LOL: :twisted:
  8. I asked a copper once how many were unlicensed....he estimated that he had a 30% 'success' rate.
  9. I've noticed that it depends upon what bike I'm riding and what I'm wearing how likely it is I am to be pulled over.

    If I was riding the very touring Diversion with the panniers then I seem to be invisible.

    If I ride the Moto Guzzi with the pipes then I get stared at and asked for licence checks.
  10. What... and you still believe in the idea of a RANDOM Breath Test, just like a RANDOM license check. For an RBT, it's likely that the copper saw you driving like an ass or apparently unable to maintain a straight line - in that instance there is nothing random about it. You were exhibiting signs that you may be intoxicated, therefore he pulled you over for a breath test. If it was random, he'd have picked a number from one to ten then pulled over the car that corresponded to the number.
  11. The day I got my Ls i got a friend to give me a lift to go pick up my bike, i got on the bike and started off. 15 minutes later (2 hours after I passed my course) i was pullled up by a cop.

    All I could do was laugh.
    when I explained it to the cop he was also amused.
  12. Just get used to it. In the northern suburbs they're always doing it. You don't need to be doing anything wrong, either. If you're registered and the owner, 99% of the time you won't have any bother. They usually try and justify the collar by mentioning something about the exhaust or your tyres, but really it's all about unregistered and stolen bikes.
    Been pulled about a dozen times over the years - never had any drama come out of it.
  13. Hi captainmorgan,
    I got pulled over on Saturday.
    I got to the lights and he lane split and pulled up just behind me to the right.
    I took off as I usualy do. Quick to get a buffer and the next thing I know he has his lights on for me to pull over.
    Classic questions! Licence, check the reg details, mark me up on his check sheet and off I go!
    Seemed pretty cool about it!
    I have no drama about that!
    I you had a bike that was stolen you would want it found pretty quick! (He was doing his job!)
    As for the shifty looking (How the f@#k can you see some ones face in a helmet unless its an "open faced" helmet!

  14. I was pulled up a few months back for a routine licence check etc, after the initial "what have i done wrong?" panick feeling in my tummy, had a chat with the cop and ended up standing around for ages swapping stories, and the result was my avatar (hehe). Lovely bloke he was when i asked if i could check out his bike! End of the day they're people too and just have a job to do, which includes keeping people safe...
  15. I feel so lonely, I haven't been pulled over yet in either my 10 years of driving or my 5 years of riding... :cry:
  16. lol

    I got done for no P-plates 2 days before I went to full license for the cage.

    First thing he asked me was about my truck: "Is this thing yours???" :grin:

    Then "Where's your plate?"

    "Must have fallen off or something, officer... it was there when I left the house."

    "It's your responsibility to display a plate at all times. $63. 1 point. Drive safe."

    I had like 4 passengers and they all felt sorry for me and threw me some cash for 'fuel money' :p... I think that's about the ONLY time I've ever gotten money for fuel off passengers.
  17. Happened to me on Sunday, 20 minutes after passing my licence test. Can't blame them for doing their job. The cop was pretty cool and we even chatted for awhile about bikes and the fantastic across boot. (I think that may have been because it took me ages to find my fresh new green slip of paper amongst all the other stuff in there :LOL:)
  18. checks

    If they arn't checking cars/bikes or stopping and talking to people then they arn't doing there job. don't catch anything out of the ords if you sit on your ass doing nothing.
    nuf said.
  19. If you really want to have some fun, Jump on a dirt bike (make sure it is registered & roadworthy) & cruise around looking for cops. As soon as you spot one & they spot you, duck off down the closest side street. Make sure you do plenty of left & right turns & even do a nice long meandering full circle :LOL: :LOL: About a 90% chance you will get chased & pulled over :LOL:
  20. Happened to me in vic, got a ~$110 fine and lost 3 points :( :( :(