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Got pulled over this morning...Police Blitz?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bryce_k, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, after about 8 months of riding everyday I finally got pulled over by the police for the first time (on my bike anyway)!!!! Anyway I got pulled over in peak traffic on Nepean Highway this morning at about 8am, under cover SS car. Officer just asked to see my license etc. He told me that there is a blitz on over the next few days on 250's...I don't understand why they would target 250's, unless they want to check if people are showing their L's or P's, but anyway just thought I'd let everyone know he said to expect to get pulled over a lot in the next few days weekend included.

    Also just as a side topic, what are the rules regarding how a police car should pull you over? In my car I never seemed to mind that they pull right up behind you, turn their sirens and lights on full bore to get your attention. But this morning the shock I got as I looked in my mirrors and can could see nothing but SS grill 2 inches off my ass was quite sudden and dangerous I thought. I mean we were in peak traffic doing about 60 and here is a 2 tonne car up my ass (like literally no more than 2 feet from me). The worst part is that after he got my attention I continued up Nepean highway about 500m to find a suitable side street to pull into as there is no way im stopping on a highway. Meanwhile he continued to follow very very closely behind me. Anyway just abit of a vent I guess but it does seem strange that they are aloud to tail gate in order to pull someone over, especially on a bike.

    Oh well at least he didn't fine me for lane splitting :D

  2. You are the second person to mention some basic harassment this morning, with the excuse of a blitz. Though the other rider was on an SV1000, so I don’t think the focus is on 250’s.
    I Think it is the normal GP Buzz.
  3. I'm sure they sit up your ass to try to make you "blat" away from them. That way they can give you a ticket as well while they have you pulled over.

    Not too long ago I remember passing a smaller cc bike and there was a car right up his clacker. I slowed down to the car behind ready to nudge there mirrors but when I looked in saw two boys in blue (both grinning). I just shook my head at them in disgust and moved on!

    What are the rules for a citizen arrest on two cops for dangerous driving?
  4. You would need video to prove it i suppose. showing them tailgating for a reasonable amount of time.

    I was thinking of getting am Elmo SUV cam to record stuff on the road. it will be good for stuff like that
  5. i was thinking that awhile ago.....those rearview cam setups would be great if you could run it through a digital recorder before going to a display screen, or even just have the recorder on its own if you dont need to see the rear view
  6. that could be done! and not even to difficultly, with the right techno stuff at hand.
  7. A friend of mine was speeding in his car (fairly quickly) and a Police officer jumped behind and was literally inches from the back of his car. When he went to pull over he braked fairly quickly and the Police car went straight up the back of him. Not hard, but enough to leave a mark.

    The officer told him he'd let him off the fine if he disregarded the incident. My mate said no worries and that was that.

    I assume the reason they get so close would be to discourage people to do a runner. If he’s an inch from the back of your car you know full well it’s game over. If he’s 10m-20m behind you some people will try and run. There are a lot of bogans in the Penrith area so you can blame them for the Police being intimidating LOL.
  8. I guess fair enough in a car, but on a bike it could lead to serious injury to the rider. Its crap like this that gives police a bad name!

  9. there are so many things wrong with that situation as far as the law is concerned.

    blackmail anyone?
  10. No, but it is an improper use of authority by a police officer.
  11. Ok but think about it this way.

    Who do you think is more likely to do a runner from the Police?

    A bogan in a car or a Bogan on a bike who has obvious advantages such as speed, maneuverability, off road, alley ways etc. :wink:
  12. By this stage, they have your number plate so still no excuse to put a riders life in danger. A bike can stop a lot quicker as well, so the officers are clearly in the wrong.

    Besides, I think secretly the cops love a good chase!
  13. Oh the cops would love the chase.
    They get chipped SS's with all those gizmos. It's a rev-heads wet dream.

    One of my mates is a mechanic at a dealership that sometimes get to service the highway patrol cars. He's got a video on his phone of a XR6 twin turbo. I'd almost be honored to be chased by such a powerful piece of engineering.
  14. You're entitled to have their details, names, numbers etc and report an incident of unsafe driving by them in regards to your situation.

    There is NO excuse for the Police to put anyones life in danger.
  15. I was told by HART instructors that bikes stopping quicker is an urban myth.

    The argument was 4 wheels and ABS versus 2 wheels and much smaller contact patches. Though either way, I do not want to test it.
  16. And a charge for failing to exchange details.

    So he'd be up for two tickets plus at least a formal warning on his employment record. If he's got anything else on his record he could be in real trouble
  17. They get nothing more than electro pimped out standard ss's and xrt's!

    You my friend are either full of it cos you want to be or because your mates have fed it to you!
    I have to clean my screen now, I just spat coke all over it!!

    +1 for a funny post tho.
  18. Just playing a bit of Devil's Advocate here -

    I doubt a 250cc bike could out brake a highway patrol vehicle.

    Then again, why would the bike rider suddenly slam on the brakes and grind to a halt in the middle of a main road?

    Whilst you could probably BS about a roo running out in front if it was a normal car driver behind, you have a Police Officer behind who is filming your every move. Not wise to just slam on the brakes for no good reason.

    A hypothetical 'what if i slam on my brakes' can prove anyone's point. How feasible the hypothetical is really decides how water tight your argument is.

    Ie If it's you riding, are you seriously saying you are considering slamming on your brakes so the Police car will hit and kill you? Just to prove a point?

    If you are suggesting that at the exact same time of being pulled over by the Police an event happens causing you to slam on your brakes in the middle of a road and come to a grinding halt..... what are the REAL odds of that situation happening?
  19. Nup, it's purely an intimidation tactic. It a way of saying "Do what I tell you because your life is in my hands." Like any roadrager, they do it to make themselves feel big and powerful. If they can scare you into making a mistake it's a bonus for them so just keep rolling off the throttle and ignore them until the lights come on.

    I react the same as for any tailgater, by slowing down to a speed where the gap is sufficient to stop at the speed traveled. If they want to pull you over they'll do it anyway, but they almost never do if the rider shows no sign of fear or panic (unless they were already going to book you for a previous
    transgression). :)
  20. Sorry to bring this thread back to the police blitz, but i was just pulled over on the boulevard-cop was a nice bloke, said he was just doing a license test, checking my bike was LAMS legal etc. asking how i was enjoying my bike, enjoying riding and so on

    Said he had already caught a bloke riding on a suspended license :(

    I asked if there was a blitz on bikes, and he said they have calenders of 'targets' ie at the moment their checking bikes, another time of the year they'll be checking trucks etc.
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