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Got pulled over on the gateway motorway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by samks, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. I got pulled the other day on way back from getting the WIVI test done on the bike. The bike was not rego’d yet so no plate but I was told this was ok before as long as I had my 3rd party insurance in place and carried my papers on me.

    Any how I was on my way home along the gateway motorway, no rego plate, lane splitting and using the hard shoulder as well and I may have even excided the speed limit a tad. So I was asking for it I suppose. So I decided to slow down and just plod along with the traffic. Then there was this BMW in my mirrors with “blues n’ tunes†on. So I pull over, the copper had about 5 attempts to get out clearly what he was trying to say and I still don’t know what he was saying. He then aggressively asked me about the laws of the road and how they apply to bikes? I figured this was really his forte and tried to explain to him I had been living overseas for about 10 years and now that I was back I was waiting for Queensland Transport to have the rule book back in print. So this sent him into lecture mode about road safety, the dangers on lane splitting ect….. Now while this was happening I could not help notice here is this bloke, riding a motorbike on the motorway, setting an example to us on road safety and he was not wearing any kind of protective jacket, no gloves. Just a pair of hiking looking boots, pair of chino dacks, a short sleeve shirt and a helmet. I didn’t really see this as ideal biking gear. Or is it me?

    Any how I had just forgotten just how aggressive, rude and arrogant the Aussie coppers are, I mean just some common courtesy, I removed my helmet but he kept his on, I just found him to be rude and did a lot to push me against the police and any one who has met me will tell you I’m not the kind of person to be rude or antagonistic to people.

    I didn’t mind getting the $105 fine, I deserved it(Wahoo no points by the looks of it) but would have expected to be given a warning instead. No wonder there is so many accidents on the roads here. Every one is making sure they are not breaking any laws just in case they get done for it, because there is no room for the police to use there discretion………..or is that it? Are the police not trusted to use any kind of discretion?

    Arr, that’s better. I just had to get that off my chest.
  2. Queensland Police, what did you expect? By all reports the rudest and most corrupt in the country....
  3. So you rode with no plates on, lane split, when you could have just controlled yourself for one or two days, gave the guy some lip and he got up you?
    Hmmm, I wonder why he got up you?
    Gotta tell you, I've never had problems with the police when they pull me over, and have never received a ticket because of it.
    You get what you dish out.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. As I have said before attitude plays a major part in deciding whether you get the TIN or not.
  5. sorry andrew i think you missed my point, i was picking the bike up from getting it inspected my Queensland Inspection service (the testing people) all in the correct manner accordin to what i was told bt queensland Transpart. and was polite to the copper even while he was being rude to me.
  6. arr i just re red my origonal post. it's a bit miss leading, the bit about being out of print on the rule book was becouse i told him i didnt know the answer to the leagle questions of the road rules.
    sorry my fault.
  7. If you had no plates on, and being naughty as well, you would have looked like you were begging for trouble. My rule is never do 2 things wrong at the same time, it works pretty well...
  8. Apparently, and this is only second hand information, but there is a huge dispute within the QLD Police Force (not sure about the rest of Australia) at the moment over what safety gear bike cops can wear. I have an aquaintance who told me all about this and told me her father WAS a motorbike cop and asked to be reassigned to a car cop because he wasn't comfortable with the level of safety gear they are 'allowed' to wear. Apparently it is an ongoing issue.

    Like I said, unsure how true it is, but interesting if there is any truth behind it.
  9. I also have heard this. I think there was a letter in AMCN or Two Wheels a few years ago stating the police union's opposition to the uniform/lack of protection. One wonders why Workcover is not involved.
  10. Hi,
    I have to say I have never had any problem with the QLD Police,
    been pulled over had my rego and licience checked, all good.

    But I have asked myself what kind of example they are showing,
    with the lack of safety gear that I have seen.
    Most of the bike police that I have seen, esp in warmer weather
    ie 9 months of the year,
    wearing helmet and gloves, and standard issue blue shirt and pants,
    no dri rider jackets or bike pants.

    The info ^^^ from Lurker might go a long way to explain it,

    What the State goverment won't pay for a decent set of gear for the Motorcycle Police?
    Even the police on bikes get descriminated against by their employer?
    Should be Work Place Health and Saftey issue.
    Supply of correct PPE (personal protective equipment) for the job.

  11. As far as i'm aware, what you wear whilst riding is not legislated beyond the requirement to wear a helmet. As for him leaving his helmet on while talking to you....well he's on the side of the road, exposed to the roadside traffic, perhaps its an occupational health and safety thing that they have to keep it on? Anyway, thats by the by really.

    if you got $105 fine and no points, maybe he did let you off a bit?

    But i do agree that there is no excuse for them to be rude to you. They are a public officer, the must act professionally ALL the time, even when they're provoked, so its unacceptable.
  12. As I understand it, its not only that they won't provide the gear, its that even if the cop wants to provide their own, they are not allowed as they are then not in uniform :?
  13. Does seem strange considering Australia Post issues a certain level of safety gear, but that doesn't extend to leathers though...
  14. Yeh, I do agree I was asking to be pulled over, it was the attitude and hypocrisy that got me. I mean I’m not against police, I’ve got a few mates who are police and there cool.

    I suppose the last time I was pulled over in Australia was in Sydney in about 1994 and this guys opening line to me was “what the f@%k do you think you were doing back there you dumb c&%t?†again I was in the wrong. I apparently caught his eye scrapping the bike around the corner and it took him about 5 km’s to catch up (car cop this time). I did pullover as soon as I heard him. And again I was on the way back from getting work done on the bike. Only had a tail light, number plate and fuel tank on it and it was in primer grey.

    I know the adrenalin must get pumping for them and I’m not exactly a small bloke either, but I am always polite, civil and controlled in these situations. (Only ever direct and short once in England after getting pulled 3 times in 3 weeks. each time for no real reason. I asked this blokes boss to get him a game boy to stop him getting board). Any how I always try to be nice as I’m a big boy and don’t want to scare them for just doing there job. I was really posting this hoping the bloke might see it and realise he is doing a lot to lower peoples perception of QLD police.

    As for the uniform, I didn’t realise. Is there any one we can write to, to point out this short fall in the uniform situation? I mean since I’ve been back I’ve also seen a motorcycle safety video that inadvertently encouraged people to sit in a cars blind spot. Now that’s just mad.
  15. I would think that just like NSW all Police and certainly all Hwy crews on motorcycles will be issued with a leather jacket, designed to allow free access to the duty gear, ie:firearm, mags, Saf-Loks, OC etc there is no dri-rider or similar available that would allow this required free access.
    In NSW it is known as the Babylon jacket.
  16. You had no plate on and you stopped...
    And yes I agree most aussie cops are pricks, they're a different breed of human.
  17. Should have just shoved him into an oncoming car and been on your way.