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Got out of town today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hopeless, May 23, 2015.

  1. Well I've been riding again now for a 12 months or so after a 20 year layoff, Been very careful and timid. Mostly commuting for work at North Lakes with a few short highway rides. but am slowly building the confidence.:whistle:

    Today I decided to visit a mate up in Ocean View. Great little mountain road That I've often seen lotsa bikes on. I have been on the road before on my GPz600 but was taking it very easy that time.:happy:

    Today I let my hair down and had a bit of a go, great feeling the winding uphill ride. Pushed myself a bit ( without being stupid) and watching the video It looked ok. Couple of things I need to improve on, but pretty happy overall:playful: The bike felt really good too, though I did have a couple of hairy moments when the rear wheel his a bit of loose stuff :wideyed:

    Once I figure out how to edit my vid I might post it for critique ;)
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  2. Good on you.
  3. Sounds great and riding smart
  4. Good on you for stretching your range. If you do post up your video just make sure you have the "thick hide: defences on ;) The members can be a bit rough at times with ride videos. :)
  5. What good fortune having a friend to visit at the other end of a mountain road. It sounds like a very good way to spend a Saturday. What camera do you use for your riding videos?
  6. I bought a contour roam 2. Pretty happy except for the bloody wind noise

    Yeah it was cool visiting in between the up and the down. Not too concerned about negative feedback I ain't perfect and happy to learn, but if I don't find some software to edit the wind noise out I won't bother posting it.
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  7. I've seen where motovloggers have used external lapel microphones plugged into their camera and the microphone is hot-glued or clipped into the chin section of their helmet with a foam shield over the microphone to prevent most if not all wind noise.

    I'm thinking about options for an action camera for motorcycling and other activities like kayaking, Drift, Contour and of course GoPro and am polling anyone who has one for the their opinion, so thanks for your response.
  8. The problem with the lapel mike option is that I'd have to dismantle, unsolder the camera and add a lead to plug the lapel mike. Not gunna do that. I've found a few other options that might work ok. A sock, a lapel mike foam or spend some money on a deadcat dot.
  9. XJ6NXJ6N - I have an older contour and honestly I'd go gopro. Pics seem sharper and less shaky, also and unless this has been addressed in later contours, uploading anything is a nightmare, used to only be able to do it via contour website but it's useless because AFAIK they went bust. So no support.

    Although I prefer the contours shape more, to me they are the "beta" that lost against the "VHS" and vanished forever.
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  10. Welcome back and keep riding. After not riding for a while (about six months) I took the little gn for a run on the back roads. I was goofy on wheels and it all felt a little strange. Then some beared bloke on a Harley gave me a big nod and smile on a country back road and I thought, yeah. He was right 'how good is this' so I relaxed and enjoyed the ride, the bike and the scenery. Keep riding, and just enjoy it.
  11. I just drag and dropped. I downloaded the contour program but Its not good for much except the library and viewing.
    I'm happy with it. Battery life is great picture is good, only issue for me is wind noise.