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got off n then given the horn & rego sticker+ holder sto

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Willzah, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. so i parked my bike in front of a busy shopping strip outside a movie theater so there would be heaps of people around. went to have dinner about 3-4 shops down from where i parked my bike. came back n noticed my rego sticker n holder gone, nut n bolt gone too. I duno what you can really do with a rego sticker, so im guessing they stole it for the holder thats worth $2 brand new. f*n cheap skate.

    After dinner i met up with a mate n went for a cruise. done about 70kms with stops here and there, no dramas. About less that 20 secs from my house a car decides to turn out of a slip lane without stopping, i had a green light so i was doin the speed limit. he pulls out into my lane, i swerve into the middle lane, its late at night so no cars around, honk at him and i keep going. i get to wehre i need to go and slow to turn and he drives past me obviously speeding as fast as he can and honks back at me like i did something wrong. i had right of way, he was meant to give way to me comming out a slip lane, the light just turned green for me before i got there so i didnt run a yellow or red. and it was night time so its not hard to see headlights from the bike, no other cars around so it doesnt get washed out.
  2. As to dougs sticky post

    I rode past a car today with a young lady inside. i noticed her mirror was smashed. i couldnt stop wondering if it was if she accidently cut off one of us and they decided it would be okay to kick her mirror. When she realised that she cut them off i bet she would of felt really bad and scared taht she almost killed someone, and then to have her mirror kicked would terrfiy her.

    there are many times where we get angry and ever have the urge to do damage, but think if the image you are placing on the public: "Bikers = reckless, violent & cause damage" we dont need that on us, its bad enought what people think of us now dont need any more.

    Unless its extreme situation, eg. i read in another post, guy grabed rider, or cager threating you eg swirving at you on purpose (although that might make it worse) we need to show constaint
  3. be careful in regards to your rego sticker being taken

    i've heard stories where this has happen with cars
    and they have gone to re register them in their own name and then proceed to call the cops to say that their car was just stolen

    same goes with bikes

    that rego sticker holds alot
    plate details
    vin numbers
    engine numbers

    all they need to do is request for your info from the motor reg and then go in and fill in a blue form and transfer it to their name :)
  4. registration is not proof of ownership. And if they did that you would have their details.
  5. registration is proof of ownership

    why else would we be required to register a car 'under a specific name'

    if they didnt need names they could simply link the car to a specific licence number for fines
    getting the info is simple
    all u need is the plate number and call motor reg 'yeh i was involved in a Hit and Run, this is the guys plate, can i have their contact details, licence number etc etc'

    sure that will be $22

    got all you need, including the vin + engine number

    it aint hard man, and people DO do it

    im not saying they would this time round but why else take the damn rego sticker ? :|

  6. Won't they need your signature on the form? Otherwise wouldn't they get nailed for fraud?
  7. You should have a look at your rego papers then.
  8. Wouldn't they need your license number too?
  9. It requires the DL number of both the registered owner/seller and the buyer.

    The owner wouldn't have to do much to prove that they didn't sell their bike. Would just be a hassle.

    They could do more damage to you by running your plate through a bunch of cameras.
  10. They stole his rego label not his plate.
    just mindless theft because they can.
  11. I know. I meant he would have been worse off if they took his plate.

    Maybe they wanted a label for their un-regd bike so that cops giving a glance will think it had rego?
  12. Ah righto then, I misread what you meant cheers. :wink:
  13. No its not. A contract/bill of sale would be proof of ownership. A registration label is... well, proof of registration (and if you read your registration certificate/letter properly it will say that registration is not proof of ownership). In NSW you need to provide documentation showing you have taken ownership when you register a vehicle - the previous registration label wouldn't be sufficient (unless you get a lazy/bribable RTA staff member). Should be similar in other states.

    Sounds like either someone stole it for laughs, because they think they can do something nasty with it, or maybe they were trying for the plate as well and couldn't get it off/got busted and did a runner?

    It still is a pain to pay for a new label.
  14. or they stole it to put it on their unregistered vehicle so it appears to be registered.

    If no police officer looks too close they would get away with it
  15. so if you have someones rego you can call who? the rta? and get all their details?
  16. this has happened to me a number of times. Used to buy the tube rego holders. Stolen twice. Now use the $2 ones. Only stolen once. Fact of the matter is, everytime the rego label is stolen its an hour wait in the rta and another $18. Some people just have nothing better to do :roll: