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got off my lazy ass and booked my l's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stanga169, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. im going to get my l's finally next monday at hart kilsyth . now just got to get the bloody thing registered but at least getting my l's is a start !!

  2. Good luck :grin:
    I will also be going for my L's, I've booked in for next Tuesday at Armstrongs in Thomastown. :grin:
  3. Well done both of you.

    Make sure you read than damm book a few times then relax and enjoy the day :)
  4. Good luck and may the weather be fine :wink:
  5. cheers good luck to u too mate!
    read the bloody thing forwards, backwards,upside down im sick of it ,just bring on monday
    hopefully the weather is fine but if it isnt oh well
  6. nice! you won't regret it :grin:
  7. The guys at HART Kilsyth are very helpful. I did my l's there about a month ago. Just relax, listen and enjoy your time there. Best of luck to both of you on your L's

  8. thanks whitey ,i work in berwick maybe sometime we can go for a spin or sonething
  9. When you're ready PM me and we'll see what we can sort out. Just need to pick some nice weather days.

  10. Good luck with it, sure you'll ace it ;)
  11. Just wondering,

    I intend on getting my L's soon but ive only been on the back of a bike,

    so im just wondering should i go find a friend with a motorbike or will

    HARTS or one place or another teach me everything!? :?:
  12. Best of luck guys.
    I just booked in for my Restricted License.
    In 17 days I hope to be able to throw my L plate away :grin:

    I did my Leraners and will be doing my License at DECA in Altona.
    The guys there are really helpful and are very patient with you if you make any mistakes or need extra advice.

    Just remember to relax and enjoy the day.
  13. Check with HART as they do a free "try riding" session. Show you the basics and you get to do a few laps of their circuit to see if you like it without it costing anything. I did this session and then went on the back of my mates bike to see what it was like at freeway speeds. That said, on the 2 day course at HART the morning covers the same as the try riding session. If you are certain you are going to get your L's just book for the 2 day learner course.

  14. thanks for your reply!

    did not manage to find the TRY it" session at HARTS but i have emailed them!thanks again
  15. looks like rain for monday. SHIT but what can u do looks like ill be trying out my new wet weather gear sooner than id planned !
  16. Yeah I was thinking the same about Tuesday's forecast but luckily both days have only scattered showers.
    Armstrong's which is where I'm doing mine supply wet weather gear which is good as I haven't got mine yet, so if it rains I'll only end up with wet feet.
    I was told to bring another pair of socks in case it rains.
    Good luck, should be a fun day.
  17. yeah you too oscar , i cant wait , should, if the minister for finance and fun ok's it be getting the bike rego'd on the wed so could be on the road by the end of the week legally which will be good.