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Got nudged by a grumpy bastard this morning !

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. I swear "Grumpy Old Man Syndrome" is alive and well in Sydney ! :LOL:

    Sitting Lane Cove Rd, near SydneyCity MC going at snail pace. I merge to the centre lane as the bus in front indicated that it was stopping to pick up. Now I didn't merge to cut the centre traffic off, in the middle lane a grumpy old bastard in a black S2000 was day dreaming and he did not move as the rest of the traffic around him moved, so i got in front of him.

    When I looked in my rear mirror, this guy with the roof of his S2K down was waving his arms !! like WTF, there was a massive gap to get into the middle lane. :evil: I thought nothing of it and ignored him !

    A few meters up the road the traffic grounds to a halt and I lane split to move back to the T3 lane, the the T3 grounds to a halt and i'm on the far left side of the middle lane.

    The following took me by surprise !!

    The old bloke in the Honda moves his car so he is next to me with his bumper 3in from the taxi in front ! Seriously, no exaggerating his bumper was kissing the car in front - and my right leg was inches from his front guard. As the traffic started moving my right leg touched his front guard !! I thought WTF !! . . this guy just nudged me !! :shock:

    I moved over to the T3 lane to get away from the fck-head, looking in my rear view mirror the arsehole has a smile on his face like he did it intentionally !!

    I was going to stop to have some words with him but decided not to.

    I just hope when he checks the front guard of his car, there would be a scratch line from my muffler !! :LOL:
  2. You should have got his number plate and gone to the cops.

    To delibratly hit someone with a motor vehicle takes it from neg drive to culpable drive, which may carry gaol time (up to 25 years).
  3. Wise decision. There's no need wasting words on this bastard. Afterall, with his roof down he's basically offering you a free punch so take it. :LOL:
  4. Culpable driving is driving in a manner which has caused death.

    The OP is quite plainly not dead. I believe that the correct charge would be either reckless or dangerous driving.
  5. I agree... When you get a PoMS having a midlife crissis in his little expensive sports car and a shit eating grin because he has just threatened your life.
  6. What a pr*ck!
    Those S2000's aren't cheap, should have given the passenger side door a good boot mark and then burned off.


    You did the right thing, but I just can't believe that some people think that they can literally use their car as a weapon and then have the hide to laugh about it.

    :evil: :evil: :evil:
  7. I think I would have done one of three things: take keys out of ignition and scratch shit out of offending guard and maybe even bonnet, use kevlar reinforced glove to punch and dent guard/bonnet or use boot/bike to do damage to his precious penis extension.
    Are ALL honda sports car drivers total wankers, or is it just me?
    This could have been classed as leaving the scene of an accident too, should have taken an Italian soccer dive!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. times like these and you just wish you were carrying a decent bag of horse-sh*t to dump on his lap :grin:

    don't worry mate - anyone who gets off on even the thought of doing this to someone, let alone carrying through with it, is leading such a fkg miserable, sad, poor excuse of a life that he's already living with a permanent pile of poo on his lap.

    let us pray: may the gods of all things horrible and poisonous make sure this man's misery consumes him, from the inside out, eating up his organs slowly, painfully and one by one til there is only an outer shell of skin left....

    (oh, i hear the gods say, we don't have to pray for it - the process is already thoroughly under way :grin: )

    at least you're safe and he's behind u, c x

  9. Yep boots make nice dents... And rip his number plate off for good measure... That way when teh cops ask which car was it you can give them the plate.
  10. steel-tipped boot, meet penis extension. Penis extension, meet steel-tipped boot.
  11. What goes around, comes around.

    I do beleive school holidays start this arvo in NSW this arvo.
    Im sure there will be a few little bratts wondering the streets for the next couple of weeks
  12. Yeah I think it's a bit like assault. You don't actually have to hurt someone to be charged with assult. culpable driving might be different however, so I won't argue too much.
  13. :rofl: :rofl: :bannanabutt:
    Good one Sonja!
  14. Another vigilante driver who is willing to respond with deadly force to 'rectify' a perceived traffic infringement - road rage at it's best.

    Best to drive away from these situations - they tend to amplify.

    I don't think you can't teach people like this 'lessons' through knocking off mirrors etc. They just become more agro, more anti-social and anti-motorcycle.

    The best solution is to ride off, and leave him to face all other road users staring at him making a idiot of himself.
  15. I recon fill a few water bomb balloons with brake fluid and hang them off your suit like the SAS carry grenades (at least they do in the movies) then whenever someone pisses you off like that throw one on their car. When they're paying a few hundred buckes to have a couple of panels repainted they will think twice next time.
  16. Guys, Dan is so right.

    If you taught this guy a lesson by knocking off his mirror as people so often suggest on this forum, i bet he would have taken down your number plate and gone straight to the cops and said "this guy cut me off and when i complained he ripped off my mirror". Then you'd be the one in trouble and looking like a tool.
  17. agree with Duffman, revenge is sweet, but can turn very bitter if it backfires and you get done instead.
  18. Annoying, but don't worry. The jerk will get what's coming to him sooner or later.

    Karmic wheel, and all that.
  19. Unfortunately I suspect the brake fluid would dissolve the balloons which could be a touch embarassing... :roll:

    One technique I've heard of is if he's stopped in traffic, pause as you filter past, open his passenger door and leave it open. He's got to undo his seat belt lean across and close it - unless you get lucky it won't casuse any damage but will cause him maximum inconvenience. :LOL:
    Rear passenger door would be better but that wouldn't work in this case :LOL:
  20. I like this: but how do you get the right jug and crash bars past the open door? :D