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Got new metal, heading for hills.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, May 6, 2005.

  1. After 2 weeks of stuffing about.... here it is, just picked it up:


    Got a great price, great finance rate, awesome insurance deal (well, compared with other insurance deals)...

    So we're thinking Healesville/Marysville might be a good place to spend the night.

    We might take a quick punt down to Southbank to say hi before we leave... See you guys there!

    Loz n Chengaleng.
  2. Noice boik ay moit!!!

    Red as well... definately more "mumbo" :wink:

    Just take it easy, wanna see you back next week boasting about how good it went!

  3. that looks sweet as : )
  4. Great-looking bike!

    And I'm sure you'll have taken care of the chicken strips before the end of the weekend! :LOL:
  5. Congrats Loz on the new bike...there something sinister about Hornet 900's...I reckon they look like a hoon mobile...top stuff
  6. pity its not a V twin , but nice bike anyway mate :wink: :D .
  7. Congrats Loz. Hope the night ride and scooting around today has completed your bonding nicely.

    Is Chen appreciating having a full seat underneath her? Two up is still good?
  8. Very nice bike Loz, even better in the flesh. Hope you guys had a good ride last night, great weather for it.
  9. that is a sweeeeeeeeeet bike! :D :D
  10. Nice Bike :D :D :D :D

    Cheers 8)
  11. :twisted: WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! :twisted:


    Thanks guys... Took it up to Warburton, went round reefton, black spur, up to Kinglake and back down through St. Andrews today, taking it pretty easy with Chengaleng on the back.

    My impressions on the Honda Hornet 900:

    It just makes everything feel easy. I was a bit worried about stepping up to a 919cc bike, but the power's very linear and friendly if you use it responsibly. Of course, if you give it a yank, it answers the question pretty quickly, and as you make your way up to the 9.5k redline things get pretty saucy (not to mention screaming loud with the twin staintunes out the back).

    Hitting that redline and running into the rev limiter in first gear will take you very quickly up to 100km/h, and although I was taking it pretty easy I wound it out in third on a short straight and found an indicated 180 on the clock before I shat myself and slowed it down. Poor old Cheng's open face helmet was nearly getting yanked off her bonce by the wind... Time for a full face one I reckon... The bandido biatch will ride no more. Come off the gas and the pipes crackle and bubble like a race car's, which is very sexy and nice.

    The front wheel gets pretty light under hard acceleration, I'm sure it would come up in an instant but I'm not going to pursue that line of riding just yet. Likewise the brakes grab in a very feisty manner and apart from the extra 20 kilos the rear wheel feels like it would come up as easily as its little brother the 600's.

    I was comfy for about 5-6 hours of riding before my arse started complaining - Cheng said she could sit up on the back all day without a problem, which is a great relief as she had to pick one butt cheek to sit on at a time on the V25.

    Cornering is a piece of piss, I didn't need to do much more than think about turning in before I was swooping through. The upright riding position gives you sensational vision and control, getting a lot of your hand weight off the bars so you can steer smoothly with a feather touch.

    Ah, smoothly, and there's the thing. The bike's a whole lot more capable than I am and I've got no idea what its limits are. So I'm concentrating on getting the smoothest ride going that I can. Speed can wait... It's just not an issue any more. Cornering clearance is naturally loads better than the cruiser - it'll take a while before my cojones expand sufficiently to get these little pegs down.

    The little flyscreen doesn't do much to keep the cold out, but it smooths the airflow out so you don't get indian-waiter-head over 100k's. Another thing I was happy to notice was that the headlight is bonzer - low beams are pretty effective and high beam lights things up like daylight.

    Complaints? Sqeaking and clunking in low gears warned me that the chain was on the dry side, so I popped it up on the centre stand and got out my cleaning and lubing gear. It was absolutely filthy, took me nearly half an hour to get all the shit and grime off it. I then got some gear oil into it which immediately improved matters. I think the last owner must have been using chain wax instead of gear oil, because of all the junk sticking to it and some gluggy, plasticy black grime I found underneath coating some of the wiring close to the front sprocket.

    What else? Um... You've got to yank the seat off and fiddle about with some crap before you can hang your helmet on the bike, which annoys me. And the mirrors are round. They're not bad, but you'd be able to see more if they were rectangular. Cheng wasn't a fan of the vibes coming up through the passenger footrests at high revs, but it's not the sort of bike you'd bother riding around in the powerband because there's so much mids and torque that you can overtake in any gear. Plus, I kind of dig the way different parts of the bike vibrate at different engine speeds. There's a sweet spot at around 3-3.5k that jiggles my knackers around in a very pleasant way. You'll know what's going on if you see me sitting at the lights and grinning.

    The only other whinge I'd have would be about the rear shock, which is sensational compared to the cruiser which would bounce, bob, wallow and bottom out all over the place. The Hornet's back end is a lot more solid and friendly, but even topping out the preload I don't get the feeling that shock's gonna do the trick over the longer term.

    In all though, this young man is having a ball and it's going to be pretty tough going back to work on Monday. I've named it the Horn Bag, and find it amusing that the number plate says "BF," as it's a damn beefy looking machine.

    Might pop up to the gippsland mountains tomorrow to meet Mum and Nanna for mother's day. I'm sure they'll be thrilled by the surprise. :p

    See you on the road!