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got new boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OG, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. now i know everyone is going to have a go at me but just bought some new boots.


    i know motorcycle boots is what i should really wear but im not going to ride the bike if i look like a spaceman when im in the shops and i havent seen a single normal looking boot in any motorcycle shop

    so i thought rather than wearing sneakers and asking for trouble i would get the safest pare of leather boots i could find

    full thick leather,very good fit, steal caps $200
    the good thing is the foot arch is rounded so its easy to get the arch of the boot onto the foot peg and is the perfect position
    was actually really hard at first but now that i know the arch goes on the foot peg its made finding foot position when taking off from lights 100 times easier

    only bad thing is getting black from the gear on the top of the left boot.
    but im scotchguarding them atm

    so am i going to burn in hell or for a non riding boot not a bad choice?

  2. i bet that will wear out pretty quick from the gear lever.

    nice looking boot none-the-less.
  3. You can get low cut motorbike boots, alpinestars and icon make them (oh and BMW too). You could buy a pair of the a* ones off an american site and even with postage would prob still be under 200. If you're just tootling round they'd have to be better then just sneakers
  4. You just purchased a pair of boots where the price is in the name on the boot not the quality. If you want a good set of boots for half that price go to Hard Yakka and get a pair of lace ups. All Caterpillar stuff is overprised, that includes their machinery.
  5. well i got the cat brand because i always wanted a pair of cats, so in this case i knew and was happy to pay extra for the name
    still $25 bucks cheaper than rrp so i get to feel like i won

    i tried to stear clear of low cut boots, i can barely move my ankle in these if i lace them up tight i think the ankle protection is important
  6. I can't remember what they were called or where you get them, but there's a thing you can strap/velcro around your left foot to protect your shoe from wear from the gear lever.

    Just keep the laces out of the way... or don't they hang loose? Can't quite see. Yes, better than runners.
  7. You couldn't find boots that didn't look like spaceboots?


    It's not hard mate.
  8. I think they look great, I would worry that they would get a bit wrecked with the gear lever but apart from that, they have to be 100 times better than the amount of people getting around in Asics Tigers on their bikes.

    I have a similar pair of these boots, my dad works for Caterpillar so I get them pretty cheap. I rode them on the bike before I bought my bike boots (1 week) and found them to be really good. I bought my bike boots cause I didnt want to wreck my Cats though...

    Nice choice.
  9. i use the army boots...whats this thing that you wrap around ur boot to protect it from the gear lever? mine are starting to wear a little bit
  10. i saw on a bike mag these boots you can get from matt maladin (not sure on spelling) imports
    these boots looking like yours, also water proof and are made of bikes.
    $169 i do believe
    im looking at getting some
  11. Hey OG. I bought my Dad a pair of those Caterpillar boots for Father's Day last year. He's a plant operator and has always wanted a pair of these boots as they last for years...and that's with him wearing them 6 days a week.

    Good boots.

    Not sure how good they are for on the bike though. *shrugs* And wouldn't they feel uncomfortable??
  12. For 200 clams you could have got a pair of these
    I've had mine for 2 years and still goin' strong. Waterproof and all day comfy too.
  13. Probably good boots, but still a bit spaceman-esque.

    I'll stick with my docs :grin:
  14. Probably good boots, but still a bit spaceman-esque.

    I'll stick with my docs :grin: