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got myself a 50

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by GYPSY50, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. hey all, i bought myself a a 50cc gypsy scooter. (Bowell) wat do people think about them

  2. It's a lot slimmer than a Jolie (especially the front panel) that's for sure nice find :) , but I don't think both of the models are female oriented scooters anyway. *Phew* :LOL:
  3. i hope its not a chick scoot lol.... i'll have to modify it to make it a mans scoot lol
  4. Nope...it's been confirmed that both are not female oriented scooters only. I got a Jolie now (none of my friends think that it's a girlie scoot) since I'm a pretty new rider like you :) . At first I wanted the classic Vespa look but they're out of 2nd hand stock & they're pretty pricey for some reasons.
  5. wat top speed do you get on your scoot mine is 80 without wind. with wind 70
  6. this is a novel idea....market research AFTER you've purchased it :p
  7. :LOL: Didn't have the time to do a silly research about a girlie scooter or not unfortunately, only did the essential stuffs like pricing, etc...
    I saw a guy on a scoot that came straight out off Powerpuff Girls think it was an Arqin Sprint (almost a pink coloured 1 too) :LOL:. ...By the way if you bought the Bolwell Mia that's definitely focused for the ladies.

    Mine's also topped the same speed like yours, but I've heard from some riders that the Gypsy got a bit more power for some reasons maybe