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got myself a 250

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by sbbfu, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, just picked up my tu250x today! added about 160km on the clock already, pretty happy with the little bike.
    I havent been riding for quite awhile now, last time didnt work out too great for me, however I decided to give riding another crack.
    It was all smiles today, even tho I was a bit under-geared for this weather (ended up freezing my ass off), but still enjoy every minute.

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, sorry to hear about your donkey though.
  3. Nice work on giving riding another crack. Keep on putting on those miles on the 250 and with more experience you will enjoy riding even more.
    I didn't know what a TU250X was but after googling it, I see its a cool little classic looking bike you have there.
  4. Thanks guys, after riding again, I wish I had got back into riding sooner
  5. Certainly don't mind the TU250X, seen one on the freeway once, seemed to be keeping up fine. I'd get one for a little 'quick lets go down to the shops' bike if I could find a second hand one cheap and had a smaller frame.
  6. I took it on the freeway today and I dont think its going anywhere near it again in the future. Its a great little bike for traffic but I didnt feel all that safe today. I got the bike for work and to get some more riding skills (the look was a bonus), its definitely not for speed and performance.
  7. Oh fair enough, did it have trouble keeping up or did it just feel scary? Might just be a confidence thing. Yeah you're right not for speed or performance.
  8. Keeping up was okay apart from the vibration, it was my first time riding a naked at hwy speeds so this may be a factor but it was not stable going fast. its sooooo light (good for other stuff) that I felt like it was floating
  9. How new is the bike? If it's new it's most likely vibrating the triple clamps a little bit loose. You might nip them up a bit if you've the right sized socket and in-socket hex (allen) key, and of course the mechanic will tighten all the appropriate bolts in its first service.
  10. well.. after doing about 160km today, the meter reads 163. I might look into this bolt tomorrow morning. Thanks for the heads up.
    However that doesnt change the fact the little bikes feels like its riding on clouds at 100km (then again, like you said it could be just nerves, it was my first proper ride in about two years). I'll try and write up a review after i put a few more km on it.
  11. If you feel scary you need to do a roadcraft course, if they have one in your area. Failing that go to the local Ulysses club and ask any old codger if they can help with roadcraft. Forget speeding until you know roadcraft inside and out.
  12. Yeah it's about 6 bolts you're looking at depending on the bike :)
  13. Got a few pictures taken from my phone, I just love the look of this bike :D

    This was taken after I just left the dealship

    and this one a few hours ago after I removed the stickers and the rear seat
  14. Old-school goodness. I like your matching helmet colour, too.
  15. Gorgeous bike Sbbfu. May I ask how much you weigh? I need to get another Lams bike to last me until june but I weigh 100kgs. Everyone says get another GS500F (was written off after I got hit by a car - my fault) but as good as that bike was it does give me an opportunity to try something different. Mainly commuting for me but occassionally I will go on the freeway. I have been riding for more than a year so I'm pretty comfortable at speed and in traffic.
  16. Hey Alasdair

    I actually came across your tread the other day, sorry to hear about the bike, but good to hear you are getting back into it straight away. I weight around 88ish on good day, and initially the bike didn't feel too under-powered, but as I'm getting more comfortable with riding again, it does feel a bit slow. I was waiting at a light today after work and I struggled abit trying to pull away from this holden ute, don't know if he was trying extra hard to give me a bad time or I'm just no quick even (however keep in mind, I'm still breaking in the bike so I didnt give it full throttle). The freeway wasnt exactly fun to ride on, I live in Bendigo and picked up the bike in Melbourne (approx 150km away), it's not difficult to get to 100 and can sit there all day, but when the limit went to 110, I notice the bike tend to lose a little bit of speed when going up hill. And also without any fairing you can imagine the wind. If I had more money I wouldve definitely went with the kawa W800, but with that said I dont regret getting the TU.

    It sounds like I'm making my bike sounds like a piece of s**t, better say something nice about it :D the pro's is definitely the handling, the bike is so light and easy to ride it helped me built up confidence very quickly. It's very easy to get through traffic and I think it prefect for what I brought it for, which is commuting to work. Clutch is pretty smooth and I'm sure it gonna get better after the bike is broken in, and the riding position is comfortable. But I must admit that the main reason that got me is the style and look of the bike, I'm planning to do a few cosmetic adjustments to the bike and make it more individual. And most importantly I always get off the bike with a smile.

    Don't know how much help that was, but I reckon go take a test ride if you can and judge for yourself (it may be a little bit difficult because the bike is relatively new). I actually jumped right in and didn't even test ride it before I put the down payment, I know its not the best idea but it worked out just fine.
  17. I have the same bike, and have no problems at all on the freeway. The bike weighs 140kg, and I weigh 60kg. It does vibrate a bit through the handle bars. But has no problems keeping up with traffic. I feel perfectly safe on the freeway and don't get blown about either which is a surprise. I used to get blown about a fair bit when I had the ninja 250.