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Got my Sena SMH10R - It's awesome!

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by add1ct, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. I just thought I'd make a quick mention of how awesome the Sena SMH10R is!

    My order arrived yesterday and last night I fitted the Sena SMH10R in my Shoei XR-1100. Firstly I was impressed how low profile it is. I was a bit worried about having a big lumpy unit hanging off the side of my helmet, so went for the 10R instead of the older models. This was perfect! Even with the battery you need to attach to the back of the helmet, honestly you don't notice it at all when you look at the helmet. Perfect.. but what's even better is the functionality and the sound. The speakers fitted perfectly in to the ear gaps in my helmet. They sound great too. You can turn them right up, too loud even. I like to ride with them down so I can still hear the traffic around me (I commute daily in Sydney.. you need to hear it!). Even with the sound down, the music I was playing with my paired iPhone was very clear. But what makes it even better is how I can use it with the iPhone's Siri. I can be riding along and ask Siri what time it is, to play a specific song, call someone, type a txt, ask about the weather .. the list goes on. With the voice activated commands enabled, I can also answer a call by saying "hello" and it answers without having to hit any buttons. I used it this morning to take a call and the guy who called me had no idea I was even riding.. it was that clear.

    Very impressed.. only day 1 and already can't stop raving about it. Highly recommended.

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  2. They're great hey.
    Me and a mate got a twin pack a few months back to talk to each other on our rides. We both love them. Great sound quality and easy to use.
    In case someone has a helmet that can't accept the clamp mount, the sticky mount is just as strong IMO. I was worried at first.
  3. My apologies Justus. Won't happen again. :)
  4. FYI - I still use mine every day and love it. It is really good in combination with an iPhone.
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  5. The Sena SMH10R is $209.00 delivered and the SMH10R Dual Pack is $369.00 delivered. Buying in a dual pack saves you $49.00 off the RRP.

    All Sena Bluetooth product can be found here:
  6. Random question - can you transfer this from helmet-to-helmet, say if I had two helmets and I use each regularly?
  7. Hi taymaishu. To be honest, the pain would be moving/hiding the wires behind the padding in your helmet each time. The rest would be easy. You would have to get some extra velcro pads to put on your second helmet (on the back for the battery, in the ear wells for the speakers, and inside the front for the mic). I guess it wouldn't be too bad, but you wouldn't want to do it more than once a week I'd say. That would get annoying. I noticed they sell two packs now. Maybe worth considering. I still use mine daily btw, and still LOVE it. Links well with Siri to enable you to do anything on your bike from listening to music and requesting tracks, to dialling and receiving calls, txting, setting reminders for things you think of on your ride, checking the weather report etc etc..
  8. Not sure if it is the same but I have a Scala and you can just buy another base so you just have to swap the actual device which slides on and off.
  9. Get the smh10 instead and the. Just get a second helmet kit for $50 then you can swap the unit from helmet to helmet in seconds. The helmet kit is very low profile and unobtrusive
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  10. I saw that firmware announcement yesterday. Looking forward to test it out.

    Hey @Takamii, I'm interested in getting a rhok carbon fibre helmet. Is there somewhere in sydney you can try them on for fit ?
  11. Thanks everyone!

    The reason why I want a Sena is because of that Firmware upgrade.

    Probably get a single SMH10 and a second helmet unit :)
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  12. YES in caringbah - contact Ian on ian@rhok.com.au


    PS - we have a new matt finish carbon style
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  13. excuse the silly question... how do you activate Siri with this headset? I can't seem to figure out which button.

  14. Not sure about this model, but on my Sena it's the same button you'd use to answer a phone call.
  15. Anyone got any advice on setting up the Sena so that the GPS has preference over the intercom function? ie the GPS will cut into the intercom

    I followed the somewhat convoluted jumps through the user manual, but couldn't get it.....
  16. eff ur Siri.... how the hell does it work with android... I played with it once and this loud as eff voice starts shouting options at me but wouldn't accept anything i said....
    Was a males voice with a females demeanor