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Got my second first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Layzie, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. I picked up my bike last night. I bought a 1997 Honda CB250. It's my second bike. Had a R15 when I got my Ls back in October which I only kept for a couple of months with very minimal road time. So its like buying my first bike again.. in a way. Anyway .. my missus dropped me off, did the paperwork and sat on the bike for a few mins to figure out where things are, zip tied my L plates, chucked on my gear and HI VIZ then off I went. I stopped by the Caltex around the corner and gave her some juice (I remembered to switch on fuel tap when filling up and riding and switch off when not riding). It was about a 25 min ride from Glenroy to Deer Park and it was freeeezing and windy on the freeway but the cold didn't wipe the smile off my face. I sh1t myself at one point as some parts of the freeway did not have any lights and the low beams didn't seem bright enough and I didnt want to let go of the handlebars at 100km/h to figure out how to switch on the high beams, but i eventually got there.
    I was surprised that I had the confidence to ride it home after so many months without riding and with my minimal riding experience. I guess it becomes second nature once you've done it the first time.
    Will be cleaning her up over the weekend as she is looking a bit rough. Chrome on the headlights is pretty rusted, side panel cover/fairings looks like its been painted over and the tank has a few minor scratches and it doesn't even have the Honda wings decals. But i guess its what to expect for the age and price of the bike.
    Any other CB250 owners out there, feel free to share your experiences and any tips to best maintain the bike as she is looking like shes done some hard time but still going strong.

    Looking forward to come along to one of the Saturday/Sunday sessions.
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  2. Sounds like it's love at first sight!
    Would love to see some pictures. Hope you enjoy your new ride and keep the shiny side up (y)
  3. Great stuff getting the bike home in those conditions. I know what you mean about the equivalent of a candle for a headlight. It's makes riding at night very interesting. Keep on grinning and stay safe. :D
  4. Mmm 2nd hand bike which needs some TLC - sounds ripe for customising. A new headlight bowl could be the start of a cafe racer.
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah I'll try and get some pics up this weekend!
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  6. Congrats LayzieLayzie
    You might find that the headlight just needs to be adjusted a bit to improve the low beam.
    The switch for the high beams should be within thumb reach without removing your hands from the bars.

    How long do you think you'll keep changing over the fuel tap ?
    Typically I'd only ever set it to off if I was parking the bike up for a few weeks. Not every time you stop the bike. Some of the early bikes had free flowing fuel systems and I think that the Off setting really goes back to some of those bikes. I hear of more issues from people who have used them than those that don't. like fuel not being supplied. Plumbing incorrect and tank drained overnight etc.
  7. I'm thinking this is really your 'first second bike' and not your 'second first bike' :troll:
  8. Yeah I realised that when I got home, it was just right there haha. But it was so dark and I didn't want to fiddle my thumb around at 100km in case I end up switching it off instead.

    Thanks for the tip. I was just going by the owners manual. So best just to leave it switched ON?

    Haha yeah works both ways but feels more like a first bike to me probably because I didn't have the first one long enough to be considered as a first bike.
  9. You shouldn't actually be able to switch the lights off. If your bike is on then so will the light.

    Yes, IMO.
  10. O.K. the elephant in the room to an R15 owner: LayzieLayzie why'd you get rid of the R15?
  11. So just tried starting the bike with choke on. I let it run for a couple of minutes then slowly turned the choke off and the engine turned off. Im guessing i needed let it run a bit longer with the choke on?
    Anyway I tried to start it up again and it didn't want to start up! Just kept hearing a ticking noise. Tried to add a bit of throttle and it seemed like it was about to start up but just kept ticking. Could this be a battery problem? Same thing happened when I first test rode the bike. The seller said he charged it up after that day I test rode it and got it running again.
  12. Had to sell it to buy a new car. Got this bike now to get some practice before going for my full restricted licence.
  13. They do take a while to warm up. Try adjusting the idle speed up, which will help it to run cold.

    Ticking, sounds like a flat battery. Same thing happened to mine.

    It'll be interesting to see how the handling of this one compares to the Yammy.
  14. Cheers mate, I'll try adjust the idle speed once I get it running again. I'll check the battery tomorrow or Saturday to make sure that it is in fact a flat battery. Its probably time for a new one. Any recommendations on where to buy a new battery?
  15. Once you get running and before buying a battery test the charging system is working properly, should be around 13.75v - 14v or there abouts to properly charge the battery.
  16. I got mine from Battery World last year, for about $70.00.This was for a glassmat sealed unit, which worked a treat.
  17. Congratulations. You are the owner of an older Japanese Bike. You can join your local version of the VJMC, they have a wealth of knowledge. Basically you have bought a reliable bike that is tailor made for learner riders and which you can work on, relatively cheaply. Good deal and have fun. Oh, I turn the taps off every night.
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  18. Took the battery out and checked the voltage and it was at 12.5V. Put it back on and switched on the key only and voltage dropped down to about 7-9V.
    I charged up the battery with a automatic reverse pulse charger for about 15minutes. I didn't really know how to use that charger, borrowed it off a mate but the volts indicator was just displaying 13.5 and it didn't change so I switched it off after 15minutes.
    Put the battery back on and she started up!
    I also adjusted the idle speed to about 1600rpm.

    Here are some quick pics:




  19. Aftermarket speedo?
  20. Yep. Forgot to ask the previous owner what happened to the original speedo. Choke is also a slider not the push/pull knob.