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Got my R-date today!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vtr_rida, May 5, 2007.

  1. :grin: Passed the SA ridersafe advanced today! 367 days to perfect my riding before an upgrade hopefully on my 21st (367 coz i gotta get to Transport SA before the timer starts..). Woot. For anyone who is doin the course soon it's heaps casual, don't stress, do a bit of practise beforehand and you'll be right. Haha they don't know what they've started :twisted: Nah :LOL: i'm def still learning, but will be good to go 100 legally and stop cagers from thinkin they *have* to overtake..

  2. that's fantastic :D congratulations :D

    you end up doing it on your bike or theirs (and did you get any points? :) )
  3. theirs, and nup :grin: Haha, i abused their bikes.. used the cbf and went over bits of wood in third, accelerated hard, braked sharply.. Often skidding :LOL: Such a good day. Most of the other people there took it too seriously but there was a dude on his own dirtbike who i chatted too a fair bit. Tryed to spread a bit of NR goodness but most commuted, couple rode motocross tracks. Not really into the whole group ride scene. What the? :? Who isn't!?
  4. Congrats.
    I was kinda worried about the advanced course aswell but when I got into it I realised that they where cool and there wasn't much to worry about!

    Have fun :)
  5. So is the L-plate now officially gone?? I wonder how long until you are visited by the boys in blue for being "over-exuberant" with the throttle... :wink:

    Have you started window shopping yet for 12 months time?
  6. Hahaha :oops: :wink:

    Hell yes! I've been seeing a black R1 for some time now, we have somewhat of a thing going.. I can't ride her for 12 months thou!! She'd be spewin :LOL:

    Oh and cheers for droppin by sat arvo before i headed to Victor, coulda been embarassin if i didn't pass thou hey haha
  7. Congrats on passing. Don't forget to mark the anniversary on a calendar as you don't get reminded.
  8. Bah! I figured you'd pass easy, the amount of practice you put in I figured it was a given! So, you can now take a pillion...got any of the ladies lined up? :LOL: :wink:
  9. Can you..!? Please tell me know if this is the case! I most certainly do :grin:

    Can i really pillion on r-date?
  10. LOL yes you can. You're totally unrestricted except for the bike itself now.

    They should've run through what r-date means you can and can't do when you finished your test n stuff.
  11. Well done Tim.
    Countdown :)