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Got my p's!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dastrix, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Today completed Pre Provisional course/test at Loftus. Great guys, good venue and a easy easy course if you are well prepared.

    Got 0 points!

    Best of luck L riders!

  2. nice one mate!! congrats!!
  3. congrats...
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. Grats mate , happy riding
  6. awesome good job...
  7. congrats mate!

    my partner will be doing her P test at Loftus this weekend, any tips and hints you would like to share? eg. routes, instructors etc..

  8. Hi!

    I had John, he was great. The road ride is really easy and the route fun!

    I used a bit of my lunch break to practice the test, no real tips other than to reallllly try and take on board what John tells you as he tells you it for a reason (ie head up, dont look at cones) that kinda thing.

    Other than that, its a really easy test for a rider worthy of a P plate. I don't classify myself skilled but I'm more skilled then when I walked in.

    Loftus are great, the course is great and im sure you'll have fun!

  9. Congrats

    I'm planning on doing my P's at loftus late June I have paid at the RTA for it but cant book yet cause the dates for June arent relesed yet.

    Oh and By the way what bike did you do it on?
  10. GN250 baby :p

    Guy on a F650 BMW had some issues...
  11. thanks for sharing your tips Kris :cool:
  12. Congrats ! :cool:
  13. Thanks peoples :)
  14. 0 points? Awesome job! Congrats!
    Will be going for mine hopefully in a few weeks, look out for the LOUD SCREAMING ECSTATIC post once it's done
    ..well, assuming all goes to plan, that is...
  15. Thanks! :)

    Best of luck on your test also!
  16. congrats matey. I gotta book mine soon :roll: