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Got my P's

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Yay me!!!

    Went to HART in ST Ives on the weekend and got P licence. Well, haven't got the licence yet, but all I have to do go to the RTA to pick up the actual licence and pay them some money, which I should be doing this afternnon.

    No more yellow plates for me, bring on the red and white!!!!

    Now I can do 90kph!! (Cough, cough, splutter) 8)

  2. Congrats!!! Losing L plates was such a wonderful (and deserved hehe) feeling!!!

    Hope to have a ride with you one day (or more) if you don't mind my crappy VTR to be near your spada :0
  3. Actually did my P's test with a dude on nice red VTR250. The two bike look pretty cool together, the old school Spada and the young bucky VTR.

    I suppose I could lower myself to ride with with a VTR250... 8)
  4. Hey Pete,
    Well done on getting your P's. Hope you are feeling better, I know riding in that great sunshine on Saturday would have helped and passing the P's test.
  5. Congratulations Pete. Seems like it's been a busy weekend for new licenced riders. It's a great feeling isn't it :)
  6. congrats pete , i even gave your karma a click too :LOL: :cry: :LOL:
  7. [soppy]
    Thanks mate, I'll always remember my first bit of Netrider Karma was from you... [/soppy]

    Edit: Hang on you rude bastard, that was bad karma! Shame on you... :x :x :x :LOL:
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    I will even it up tommorrow for you mate :LOL:
  9. [quote="groberts03]I will even it up tommorrow for you mate :LOL:[/quote]

    Don't worry mate, I just karma'd you back. Now I'll be able to remember that the first karma I gave out was to you as well... Wonderful... :p
  10. Wow i did miss the boat, another L plater no longer. Congrats mate on getting the p's