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Got my P's!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LCGTR1970, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Evening all,
    Just thought Id post a quick update what ive been doing riding-wise lately...
    well since getting my bike (kawasaki gpz250r) i have been riding at every possible opportunity.
    Even if i dont need to go anywhere i find myself just pottering around town and just 'exploring' any side streets or highway stretches...anywhere really!
    A mate of mine and I managed to book our P's test on the same day, so we spent the month or so before the test practising slow riding as often as we could.
    The Stay Upright tester holds trial/practise runs of the Ps test which takes you thru all aspects of the test and you actually do a run of the test.
    I cant say enough how much id recommend people who are going for their Ps to do this trial run as it provides feedback on what to improve upon and also gives knowledge on what all of the marks on the training range are so you can go down and practice in your own time...which is what we did over and over and over.
    I was having trouble with anticipating the quick stop braking by rolling off the throttle too early...luckily all my practise paid off and I was ok on the day.

    Come testing day I was a little nervous (even though i knew what to do with my eyes closed) i just didnt want to make a silly mistake.
    anyway it was bloody hot and we started off with the theory and putting around the range before going for the group ride with the assessor (in awesome fluro vests!!).
    I found the group ride to quite interesting as we had to pay special attention to any possible dangers on our ride and discuss at each point what happened to each of us on the ride from point to point. The varied amount of dramas that were encountered by 5 people in the space of a few short kilometers were astounding...but we all made it back safely.

    After lunch we practised the different manouvers that we would be tested on in the afternoon. It was good having the time to fine tune our techniques before the big test.
    Now comes the test!!
    There were 5 of us in the group and we were joined by another bloke who rocked up to just re-sit the riding test, making 6 all up.
    The 1st up was on a cruiser style bike and he was having trouble all day with controlling the weaving...in the test he put his foot down a few times and knocked out some cones...FAILED.
    2nd up, was my missus' boss...he did well but missed a headcheck or 2 but no dramas.
    3rd up was a lovely old fella who had the most beautiful BSA ive seen..immaculate!! unfortunately his bike wasnt suited to doing the test so he hired a CB250. The gears and brake etc are the otherway around and unfortunately he failed the test by going over lines in the u-turn and a few other things.
    4th up was my mate who passed but stuffed up by putting his foot down on the cone weave (put down to nerves as he was doing it perfectly for weeks!!)
    Then it was my turn...i was shitting it, but went thru with no dramas at all and got 100%...WOO HOO!!!
    Last up was the guy re-sitting the test...unfortunately he failed again...

    Anyway I found it to be a pretty mentally draining day but the handshake at the end of the test congratulating me on passing was well worth it!

    I honestly feel that this type of training and testing (roadcraft etc) should be part and parcel of people getting their car licenses. I have had my car license for over 10 yrs and found what is taught in the few Stay Upright days to be super beneficial to my awareness not only as a motorcyclist but as a car driver too.

    Anyway enough of my crazy long post, but just thought Id share my experience and look forward to continuing the riding journey...now at 90kph!!!

    thanks guys
  2. Congratulations. I do agree with the testing for a car license, there needs to be more theory, the practical is perhaps sufficient.
  3. Well done on passing and now the open road awaits you.
  4. Congratulations, LCGTR1970 !!!
    Great job dude - enjoy the extra freedom (y)