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Got my P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sotko, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hey all
    Long time lurker, so decided to post.
    Got my P's in late Feb. I actually got my L's in Mar 06, but was struck down with an inner ear problem that left me stuffed for almost 2 years. I think I rode about 3-4 weeks out of those 2 years!
    So in early Feb, after been given the all clear, booked my P's. I also booked the 3 hour practice before hand. For 2 weeks straight I just went into a car park and practiced U-turns and the cone weave. The cone weave was actually marked on the ground. I practiced around 2 hours each day.
    Come the testing day, got cutoff in a form one lane debacle on the way there, but managed to make it safely. Did the 3 hour course, and then the test. Passed with no points lost. I was so bloody happy. After the 2 years I had, for me getting my P's is a great achievement.
    Now for some reason when I ride, i feel like a different rider. My confidence is so much higher.
    So now I ride as much as possible. I lost 2 years, I have alot of catching up to do.
    Cheers, and sorry for the long post.

  2. congrats and welcome back :)
  3. Sorry to hear about the middle-ear thing, but congrats on getting back on 2 wheels! Good work on not losing any points, too.

    I did mine this Sunday just gone after getting anxious and neglecting to do 3 head checks the Sunday before (instant fail regardless of other competencies). It was pouring down rain and I managed to only lose 2 points, for stopping 20cm over the specified emergency stop distance. I also got my full car licence, figured there was no point in paying two licence renewal/processing fees down at the RTA so waited until I could do both together.

    Good to hear you're keen on catching up for 'lost time', and welcome to the forums.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. Sotko,
    Sorry about the ear issue but great to hear that you're running amok now, making up for the lost 2 years.
    Congratulations also on a great achievement regarding your test result. Hope to see you out there sometime.

  5. Congrats on the P's :) No point looking back, just appreciate that you have achieved what you wanted and that you are back to full health ;)

    Enjoy the bike and be safe
  6. wow, 2 hours practice!

    ive been trying to practice for my P's test coming up in just over a week and I just feel like a tool when I practice! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have next week with four days off. I will have to practice my ass off. On the chunky ZZR250 any sharp turn really feels... labour intensive.

    i'll cry if i don't pass. :p
  7. I am hoping the fact that I do an hour of riding minimum every day as a commute will be sufficient practice for my P's test.
    Doing it tomorrow morning at RideTek, time will tell I guess :p
  8. Glad your feeling better and grats on the P's!!

  9. 3

    I thought that too but now I really believe that once you get confident on the road in traffic, no amount of driving through traffic will make you able to do really specific things like cone weave and u-turn. raaar! It's hard to practice!! You gotta find an empty, flat space where no one will annoy you. Good luck. I know I'll need it.
  10. Actually I passed my P's first shot :p
    I found the U-Turn suprisingly easy, the only thing I lost a few too many points on was my counter steering as I was stupidly trying to predict which way the signal was going to flash and chose the wrong way, resulting in me doing a shallow counter steer.
    Still, no more L Plates for me :grin:
  11. I took a gamble and went for my P's this week, after only riding for two months cause my L's were going to expire! If i passed, great, if i didn't, just resit my L's again. Passed it with 20 points, total mediocrity here! Got the left, right, stop, stop configuration :)

    I kinda miss the yellow square of lame! He was my safety net.
  12. Middle ear shit really sucks. Glad you are over it!
    Congrats on the Ps & welcome Aboard