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Got my P's!!! YAY!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DRMAT, May 2, 2007.

  1. Been meaning to get around to booking in for the test since about Feb now and finally got around to making the call yesterday and was able to sit the test today!

    Went back to MTA where i got my L's and sent my wife for her intro course and L's and can't rate them and Michael the head instructor highly enough. There were only two of us doing the test today so it was great, we got through all the exercises and the test and had my licence by 12pm (3 hrs instead of 6!)... with a coffee break! Helped that we were both fairly confident riders though and obviously only two of us we could run through everything quite quickly.

    Aside from the normal exercises for braking, counter steering/ swerving etc we actually did U turns as well and i'm amazed at how small an area you can turn in! I've practiced them myself and can quite comfortably do a u turn in a street (on a sportsbike) but on the CB250 there we were doing them in such a small area! I don't know what all the fuss about people worrying about 6m u-turns for the test in NSW is about now! I would say the box would have been 4m at a maximum and we were making it with room to spare. Sooo much easier when you're looking in the right place!

    The test itself was easy by the time we'd done the exercises. I didn't do my stops or swerves quite as good during the actual test as i did them when practicing and still scored 18 which i was pretty happy with!

    Now the wait for a bigger bike begins.......

  2. congrats on the great test results mat :) enjoy the riding and keep learning :)
  3. Congrats DrMat ... well done :applause:
  4. well done.
  5. Nice one - now the clock starts ticking for the un-restricted license :)
  6. Just staying alive is the next challenge!