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Got my P's today!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tc2233, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Did my P's course today and passed my test...amazingly with no points!! :dance:

    I seriously was not confident of passing, had to hire a bike and it felt so awkward, kept stuffing up and putting my feet down in the practises.

    Come time to do the test I am thinking "what the hell, I'll fail this and then just have to try again in a week" (the test, not the whole days course). So I relaxed, and bugger me if that probably made all the difference.

    Shame there were no chickies there, only us five ugly fellas :-(

    Been doing a mini "dry in july" for a couple of days leading up to this. Well that’s finished tonight big time. Gotta go get some more home brew from downstairs!!
  2. so you found the key, not just to the test, but to riding; relax and do what you've practised. Congrats (y)
  3. Congrats!!
    Thanks for the vote of confidence, as I'm considering doing my P's on a borrowed bike as well.
  4. well done, that's a really good tip. Bit more difficult to do in practice.
  5. congrats bud
  6. Well done :) Enjoy the brewskis !!
  7. Congratulations! Now you can really start learning. Enjoy every minute.:beer:
  8. Thats a cool scoot peanuts
  9. Congratulations.

    I'm doing my P's on the 24th of this month. Hope I'm as "relaxed" as you were.

  10. Congrats mate, and HA! Had a gorgeous lil chick called Briony at my Ps... wow... accident material.
    *coughs* jailbait material too (she was 17) but ignorance is bliss.
  11. Cheers guys, I'm still feeling pretty chuffed with myself!

    I hope to finally get along to a homebush meet soon to meet some folk and enjoy an easy going ride afterwards. I always wanted to go and practise as I think its a great idea but once I got up to feeling confident enough with the traffic I then started having bike issues. All good now I think, so will get along as soon as I am free on the day.

    Changa just remember it aint the end of the world if you dont pass first go. Its easy to book another test (just the 10min) in a weeks time, nothing like the waiting times for the whole days course.

    Funnily enough the 2 blokes that passed with no points (myself included) were the two that seem to be stuffing up most during the practises and were the least confident.

    The fella that didnt pass was hiring a bike like me and he too was struggling with it being unfamiliar. He incurred too many points from putting his foot down a number of times, basically attempting the cone weave and u-turn a bit too slow. I'm not sure, but it didnt sound like he had enough revs up (on those bikes 5-6000 rpm). But like the instructor said, he will get it next time no problems.

    The point of the day though was we all got some great learning, the instructor was great. The focus on road craft (buffering, hazard perception and setting up brakes) was emphasised on the road ride and I came away with a better understanding of this and a renewed desire to keep practising these skills.
  12. not too sure about this...this guy (a learner) at the Central Coast Learner Session today reported from his limitedexperience that the cone weave and U turn were easiest done at a very low speed...
  13. Congrats on your P's TC mate. Good stuff with the relax and do what you have learned tip.

    And John - Think about it logically... The slower your bike travels the less stable it is. You need to be stable for control and unless your low speed control is awesome then the slower you go the more difficult you'll find the cone weave and the u-turn.

    On the flip side, by increasing your speed too much you add difficulty as well due to the need to better balance the introduction of counter steering, leaning into the turn and actually negotiating the obstacle.

    I find that if I travel very slowly around the u-turn then it is very hard to make it inside the box on my bike. If I travel just a few k's faster then I can whip around with almost a meter to spare. This is due to being able to lean the bike into the turn (and counter lean with my upper body). The difference in the speed I attack the obstacle is usually dependent upon how confident I am feeling. Early on in my practise I am too slow but as it progresses I get closer to what feels like the optimal speed for me and my bike.

    </ot thread hijack :) >

    Fun Ha!
  14. 16 is the age of consent lol

    and congratulations on getting your P's!
  15. Where/with what company did you do it?

    That's called statutory r@pe!
  16. It was at Loftus run by Ride it Right. Its an RTA syllabus though so should be much the same anywhere in NSW.

  17. coming from a bloke that did the bells line road today in a cage :facepalm::D
  18. :cheeky:

    But my lines were brilliant even if I do say so myself! :D