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Got my P's now! Woohoo!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by cygnus, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. So I turned up at Clyde on Friday morning 7am. It was freezing in the morning, probably because I haven't had time to let my body warm up, and climbed on the bike straight out of bed.

    Met my group of fellow L platers. All seemed nice, and then met Aaron, our instructor. The day went as follows:

    Started with Slow riding, I think about 20 metres in 15 seconds. That was alright, then did some figure 8's. I was told to not rev too much on the 500, and keep it around 2k is enough. I was also told to use the front break with 4 fingers, not 2. We also did some quick stops, and I fixed more of my bad habits. Now I always have foot on back break when taking off.

    After this was a break and then the road ride. Got told to not park the bike on the kerb, because the tyres might grab when you pull away and lift the rear tyre. Also got told to use the right indicator when pulling out, not the left. This all went well, and we counted the number of cars that don't stop at stop signs.

    After lunch, it was more practice for the MOST test. This was the first time I did most of them, so I paid a lot of attention. The course was set up so that you could do 5 out of the 6 tests, starting with cone weave, leading to a U-turn, then the 90 degree left turn, either the quick stop or swirve, and finishing with stopping in the box.

    By the end, I was reasonably confident, and when the test came, I lost 1 point for putting foot down in the cone weave for the last cone. Everyone in the group passed, and I went to the RTA straight afterwards to get my P's.

    I was also told to consider the Advanced course offered by them, so I might do that in a few month's time. Feeling quite relieved, and can't wait to do bike shopping in a year's time!
  2. Congratulations - well done dude!
  3. Congratulations mate.
  4. Hoping to go for my P's in a month's time so it's good to hear a first hand account of how it went. Thanks for sharing.

    How long were you on your L's for before you went for the test? And what sort of riding did you do (hwy, commute, just for fun)?
  5. Congrats! Great feeling to have passed :)
  6. Congrats man,
    So was it run by stayupright?
    Did you do your L's through them?
    It sounds like they actually did some practice and some training with you before they did the test?
    Cheers Paul.
  7. I've had my L's for a long time, but only got the bike in October. Then I was out for about 6 weeks after a drop. So, in total in terms of riding, probably 6-7 weeks. Done about 1600km on it. In that time, I've done hwy, commute in peak-ish hour traffic, and just for fun up to Wisemens Ferry from Windsor.

    Ideally, I would have liked to practice longer before I went for it, but my L's expire end of Feb, and I'm travelling for a month in Feb overseas.

    Yes, it was run by Stayupright. I did my L's at Clyde through them as well.
    In terms of training, there wasn't any formal stuff. Basically, we were just told to do things, and then the instructor would observe, and offer advice / tips.

    My group was also pretty varied. There was one female and rest were males. I had the least riding experience of the lot. In terms of the rides, there was a Ninja 250, a scooter, a Hyo 650 rider who did the test in the loan bike, my GS500, a cruiser of sorts, and a Yamaha Scorpio. The loan bike was also a Scorpio.
  8. Well done, thats a great achievement!
  9. Congrats!! =D> ..it's a great feeling when you ride away knowing you are gonna put those "P" plates on!! ;)
  10. I got my Ps yesterday. I knew it was going to be difficult on my bike, I have a ZZR 250 and the turning circle is atrocious. So for three days before the test I was practising tight turns in car parks, feathering the clutch, using the rear brake and turning at full lock. I was pretty confident was going to pass until I actually saw the track and practised and realised the U-turn was MUCH tighter than I had practised. The first couple of times I completely stuffed up and put my feet down, even having to reverse. The instructor said I was on the right path, that I just needed more confidence with the throttle. So I tried again at full lock, feathering the clutch and pumping the rear brake and leaning the bike in and to my surprise I started to make the turn every time.

    The instructor said that most people on CBRs and ZZRs fail because they can't make the turns, which didn't help my confidence any! And the other blokes doing the tests had either dirt bikes, motards or rentals and could turn on a $.20 piece. Anyway, I ended up doing the course losing no points and I'm bloody happy! Remember your head checks, one bloke failed because he didn't do any head checks even though he rode flawlessly. Another bloke put his foot down twice, knocked over a cone and stalled the engine yet still passed. So head checks are important! One poor bastard dropped his bike on the avoidance test, instant fail.
  11. Great achievement, congratulations!
  12. Does anyone know if you have the option to do just the MOST test or must you do the whole 8 hours? Only reason I ask is because when I go to book it, it only looks like it's booking me for the 1 hour of the MOST. TIA
  13. I think you do have to do the 8 hours since i think the MOST only are for people who passed the Pre-provisional course but no the skills test at the end.

    If you are on the RTA website make sure you are picking the "Rider training and testing Pre-Provisional" and if you are they are probably all booked up. How far in advance are you looking?
  14. Did mine yesterday. I had the same issue with the ZZR250 turning circle, but the practice box is way smaller then the MOST box, so it was no dramas at all. I have my u-turns down pat and shift my ass and lean away from the turn, while pushing the bike further over. You can do them on a $0.20 piece then too :).

    Yeah mate you have to do the full 8 hours. If you fail the MOST you only have to do that again though, not the whole painful 8 hours and $161. Its like... $40 or something to try the MOST again. You DO have 2 modules in the other 6 hours you need to pass, including a basic handling refresher and a road ride. Easy stuff no sweat. Just make sure your slow speed (SLOW, like <10kph) stuff is good, though you do get practice time, just not on the actual MOST course.
  15. Did you practice much? I felt like I practised a fair bit, but when I got to the test I realised I hadn't been turning tight enough. I'm sure it would have been worse if I hadn't practised at all though, I would have definitely failed. The ZZR is a great bike, but crap for the test!