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Got My P's But My L Plate Nearly Died

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ResmeN, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Before my learners had expired I needed to book in to get my probationary permit quick smart. I have had a few friends where they forgot to book in their P's test and had to do their learner test again. I didn't have any issues with staying on my learners for a long time but I had a problem with forking out the cash again so decided to do it before it was too late.

    I took a sickie from work and did the test a few weeks ago. I believe this was the most productive sickie I have ever taken. There was me and 3 other riders. The day started at 8:30am and we started the tests at 3pm. It was a drainer as you did the same things over and over again and we all couldn't wait to just do the test and get it over and done with. Thruout the day the clouds always threatened with rain but it never did unlike my learners test which was a rain soaked affair.

    Test time came, did all the required manouveres and ended up passing with 29 out of a possible 40 points accrued against my name. The less points you have against your name the better and anything above 40 is an instant fail.

    At the end of the day it was a relief and I didn't have a chance to savour the moment as I quickly rushed to get to my 2nd job.

    Some people on this site seem to not be able to get rid of their L plates quickly enough which is understandable but I was the total opposite. I remained on my L's for pretty much 1 full year. If the learners didn't expire in 15 months or if the rules were like they were before lams where after the 15 month expiry you could extend your learners for another 15 months I think I would have taken that option and stayed on the learners for over 2 years. I bought a decent lams bike which was also going to enable me to stay on my learners and ride the same bike a long time too. If people have small bikes on their learners then they outgrow the power very quickly and want to move up quickly. I also looked at it from the perspective that my bike was only until a few years ago a bike which people after going thru their learners and restrictions used to ride to in reality it is a full licensed bike prior to lams. Many full licensed people still ride cb400's.

    Maybe it's just me but I never experienced any horrendous tailgating or people acting like dicks or any negative behaviour from other road users due to displaying L plates. The only thing I think I got a lot of was that everyone seemed to want to drag.

    As I was on my L plates for a long time my rear tyre got hungrier and hungrier and just wanted to munch the living daylights out of the yellow L plate. This was my 2nd ever l plate as the first only lasted a few days due to not being mounted correctly so it's fair to say it lasted a good time. At hart Somerton there are some clothes hangers on your way to the changerooms which have been converted in to a L/P plate shrine so I think I will pop over and donate mine there too.

  2. congrats on passing :)

    time to buy a new one indeed!
  3. It's worthy of the HART wall of fame.
  4. Well done Resmen. What did you find the most difficult part of the test. I find the CB400 pretty good for the U Turn and coneweave and that there was no necessity to fast idle friction point rear brake the slow stuff - the bike's idle point was just right, for me anyway.

    Good luck and hope those cagers are as considerate with you on the Ps
  5. lowercase: Thank you

    maplegum: Yes I agree. I was looking thru the wall of fame to see if there were any l plates as bad as mine and there was only 1 other but wasn't as bad.

    Brmmm: Thanks. In Victoria we don't use our own bikes for either the learner or probationary tests. Every test centre has bikes available for riders to use. I had a choice of cb250, ct110 and some scooter. In NSW do you guys have to use your own bikes for learners/probationary tests?

    However at the saturday learner sessions I have attended in Victoria agree that the cb400 does just fine due to the high idle point like you said.

    Also as I have a full car license I don't have to display any P plates but the other restrictions such as no pillion, no bac and no none lams bikes apply for 12 months.
  6. For the Learners I think in NSW you could ride your own bike if you had one - but would need to get itthere somehow, so its not v practical.

    For the Ps most people ride their own bike, but you can hire their bike for a nominal fee. Depending on what bike you have this can be to your advantage.
  7. After all that I forgot to answer your question. The day was long and tiring and when the time for the actual test came we needed shake off and wake up which was a bit hard to do.

    I did very well during the practice runs but my first few countersteers during the assessment weren't up to scratch but lucky you only have to ace 4 out of the 6 runs. I found the learner test was much easier than the probationary test.
  8. I'm booked for license test on Jan 5 - personally want to bugger it off as soon as possible. Although likely to do more with the fact that I haven't been on P plates for over 5 years now on the car and am a bit over the whole learner connotations. While new to bikes, the roads are nothing new to me.
  9. After all those years being on L's again was abit like a novelty. Good luck on your test and hope the weather holds out as you never know with Melbourne.

    On another note my lengthy stay on L's can also be atributed to the fact that when I am off all sorts of restrictions I would be tempted to go out there and get another bike and this way even if I wanted to I couldn't due to being restricted.
  10. well done Resmen.
    i expect HART would have had you doing all sorts of exercises through the day.
    braking on corners, cone weaves, slaloms, riding the plank maybe.
    that's because HART knows the test itself and the curriculum they are mandated to teach is in itself terribly inadequate.
    and so they throw in a heap of other stuff through the day,
    It's good to remember those exercises so you can practice and perfect them in your own time in a quiet carpark.
    your score is good and it's clear by that score, the instructors were satisfied with your performance, but nerves play a big role when it's a test.
    if an instructor was to do the test he'd maybe score 6 or 7.
    the best student score i know of sitting for P's is eleven.

    so yes, congratulations you've earned it; BUT don't let it go to your head, because you can do better
    and if you remember those exercises and keep working on and practice them to perfection, you will be a cut above the average rider out there.
  11. Thanks MONKEYMAN. Yes HART did have us doing all sorts of exercises. Next step I'll probably do their Advanced I course as learning and acquiring more skills never stops.
  12. heheh ... already said congrats, but what the heck, congrats again!!!:D
  13. Hey thanks Nightowl. That was in another thread so no harm in congratulating twice : )
  14. Main reasons I want to get off of L/P plates as soon as possible are the ridiculous rules regulations... With any speeding offence resulting in a 3 month suspension it's hard to keep your license for the full 3 years, especially since NSW has become smitten with the idea of proliferating speed cameras ****ing everywhere they can. :(

    Also doing 80/90 in a 110 is stupidly dangerous (L platers limited to 80kmph for some reason)
  15. toadcat I feel for you and the crappy regulations in NSW in relation to motorcyclists. I thought we had a lot of cameras in VIC but after my last visit to NSW I'm now convinced you guys have much more up there. All this despite VIC only having 1/2 million less registered vehicles.

    Also I believe the rule in NSW where L/P platers doing 80/90 max is truly dangerous and thank God we don't have it down here.

    On a side note according to the new VIC liberals they are planning of allowing motorcyclists here use of bus lanes as the way it is allowed in NSW. I hope this comes thru.
  16. my machine has chomped through 4 plastic L plates and I'm now onto the 5th (which is of the magnetic rubber type) in 2 months. fingers crossed it lasts...
  17. I've been somewhat lucky - still on the first over 2 months. With any luck it will make it through till the final practical test.
  18. wow mav you take the prize in my eyes for that : )

    After a friend got done for not displaying his L due to it falling off while riding I made sure the same never happened to me. After losing my first L I screwed the 2nd one behind the reflector as you can see the imprint it has left up the top of it which there was no way it would come off.

    Good luck adprom.

    I've seen so many different ways of L/P plates being mounted to bikes and they are all unique and sometimes funny.
  19. Just bumped into this post - CONGRATS RemseN on getting through the P's test recently-well done mate...they are very long days, especially if out in the heat for most of it !
    Got back from a Sydney-Mudgee ride a few weeks ago. One of the riders in the group, a P Plater, kept lagging (not his fault) due to that silly NSW '80' speed limit they impose on such riders...totally ridiculous rule !
    In favour of NSW, the most annoying (embarrassing) thing I noticed (not the 1st time!) once crossing back over onto VIC soil again was the STUPID and RIDICULOUS TAC billboards on the sides of roads/highways.....aaaaaanyway... ;)
  20. Thanks Nickers330. I think they should shorten the test and make them 1/2 day or something as a full day of activity for an assessment which doesn't even take 5 minutes is way too much.

    Definitely agree with the P speed limit law in NSW is dangerous and yeah those TAC billboards I think they're becoming as VIC as VIC van be.