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Got my P's!!! besides some added nuisances!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by browny, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Passed my P's test yesterday!!! Feels bloody great! After practising a lot on the day and for the last week... I was nailing the course all day.

    Come time for the test late in the arvo and I'm up first nervous as all ****. for going FIRST and because on waking up yesterday morning I discovered I have a severe leak of brake fluid from my rear brake all over my tyre and the ground :evil: :evil: so I had to go to the testing centre (about 30k from my place). I get there and have NO fluid at all, shi**ing myself when the inspector inspects the bikes... didn't notice phew! Then in the test where you have to use your brakes.. i had been using front only ALL day as I had Zero rear brake. did the emergency braking and wasn't going fast enough (over 20kph) so had to do it again.. come in at 30kph (the nerves) gravel and sh*t in this spot as everyone stops there.. full front lock and skid...bike going over,over, SAVED.

    guys there claimed was a definate 'play of the day'!!!

    Passed with earning no penalty points :cool: :cool: :p

    rear brakes getting looked at as we speak.

    first time I've even come close to laying it down.

    Happy Days :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. gratz on passing your test :) and good thing your getting your brakes looked at otherwise your next post may have been about your first off
  3. On ya Browny.. :applause: Must feel good to have got them... I cant wait. [-o<

    Really good your getting your brakes fixed - They're pretty important or so i've been told. :eek:hno:
  4. GRATZ!! :grin:
    Your very lucky the inspector didnt notice it. they would have sent you home with no refund :p
  5. Yep well done mate!

    And thanks for the ride yesterday :)
  6. Nice one, you must have good skills to pass with no back brake, i was very heavy on the back brake when doing u turn and slalom, in fact there is no way i would of passed without it. Lots of back brake, lots of throttle and lots of clutch slip!!! Still, i passed first time, so im happy. Good on ya :grin:
  7. Excellent! Sounds like you've got some nice rescueing skills under your belt, but boy, what a time to show them off :LOL:
  8. Congratz man, Where'd you do your test?
    I wish i gotta use my own bike i had to go from my cruiser to a smelly naked bike and the only prob i had that day was getting used to the bike (and its tendency to go into neutral for no reason - which happened during the cornering test :evil:)
  9. Congrats mate, well done...no surprise though, knew you'd pass! :woot:
  10. Thanks for the support everyone!!

    365 days and counting till Matt gets himself a BIG BIKE :twisted: :twisted:
  11. Not that there's anything wrong with shiny Black/Purple GPX 250's :LOL:
  12. Hey Matt - congrat's but I beat you by one day! :p :p :p Looks like this time next year we'll both have big grins on our faces. :grin: