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got my Prilla

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by loki, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. and i'm freakin' loving it

    i was supposed to pick it up on my birthday in November but because of those damn wino soccer-fag italians the shipment was delayed until Christmas.

    racked up 1100ks on it in the 10days i've had it without a problem, it's booked into it's first service next week at BikeBiz. a lot of people advised against it as a first bike but all those years of racing mountain bikes have paid off and i've taken to it like a duck to water, i'm booked in for my Ps already. it's been a pleasure to ride, but an emotional rollercoaster to park. the first day i had it, went for a pre-dawn run at Yarramundi with my boss after work (night shift), twisty technical mountain roads, it ate it up without a problem. i got used to what power it has, rode it very sensibly and keeping it sane. which is why i was so heartbroken after all that tricky first-day riding when i parked it on the front lawn under the window, where i could keep an eye on it while i had a sleep. got woken up an hour later by a knock at the door, my bike had disappeared from the window. my neighbour was at the door telling me my bike had fallen over in the loose soil. i was damn-near tears, the entire day. the damage wasn't too bad, front left blinker ($80) and a small crack where it attaches to the fairing.

    but the grin came back :)

    anybody in western sydney can catch me running the great western highway, the motorway up to springwood and of course yarramundi

  2. That bike = teh hawtness.

    Very nice!

    Bummer on 'parking on loose surface' destiny! But bikes fall over - it's what we do with them :)
    I always park my bike with my weight on it, then give it a rock back and forwards to test the stability. then bounce my weight a little on it, then and only then do I leave it - to activate the forcefield...
  3. Nice looking bike!

    What are the specs?

    Any recommendations on decent backpacks? :p
  4. thanks, the bike is sex on wheels. not easy to make L plates look cool
    i felt like such a criminal when it fell over
    according to the guys at the dealership 'a bike's not a bike until it's been dropped'

    125kgs, and a little over 30horsepower. made for handling, not too good for wheelies and the high speed stuff
    Fox Tech-pack. not sure if they still sell these but i bought mine 5years ago and it's still going strong. rainjacket built into the bottom of it that stops your stuff getting drenched, still gets a little wet though. and it's got a pocket for a camelback bladder. think i payed 130 for it
  5. Damn, that is one light bike! What does it rev to? My 125cc superkart used to rev to 12,000rpm.

    Did the math and the RS has a power-to-weight ratio almost identical to the GPX250R. I won't even bother mentioning a handling comparison. :p

    GPX250R - 37.5hp, 138kg, 0.272hp/kg
    RS125 - 33(?)hp, 125kg, 0.264hp/kg

    The dealer quoted me $3xx to have a bag rack and bag fitted. :? Will probably go ahead with it anyway.
  6. I've got zzr, same engine as gpx. As lucky loki now knows from experience, rs125s are sex on wheels. If you're going to be riding longer distances I'd go with the gpx. But if you want to nip around and scream everywhere and don't mind the work of a 2 stroke, go for rs! :cool:
  7. Was that you pulling out of the petrol station on hume hwy in liverpool going south today at 9am?

    Anyway congrats on the beauty italian! :)
  8. good stuff dude !

    A mate of mine with an Aprilia and I are planning a ride next weekend, you might wanna come for that Aprilia brotherhood thing !

    Destination unknown yet !
  9. revs to 12 as well
    aprilia use Rotax engines for the 125s, you might have had one in your kart. you stopped karting when you started riding? karting seems like a fun, cheapish form of motorsport, always wanted to have a dabble in it. i do a few laps at eastern creek occasionally

    yeppity yep. a rep from aprilia i spoke to at the bike show told me to be careful on the highways, holding a constant throttle burns it out. i still have enough fun with all the traffic lights on the great western anyway, which is why i stay off the m4

    nopity nope, wasn't me. been thinking of heading down that way soon though for spin.
    and thanks!

    sure, i'll come fly the flag :)
  10. no worries loki, i'll sms you as the weekend comes closer.
    I have three different riding offers this weekend, either one will be good.
  11. ooh ooh take me take me! lol
  12. no worries Jared !
    But if we start talking in foreign tongues and ordering Latte Frappechinos :p - don't feel left out. :LOL:
  13. You suck!
  14. sorted. i'll be up the coast next weekend but free apart from that.
    i'll take you guys on the springwood burger-run. don't worry, there's a GJs involved
  15. they certainly make a good looking bike dont they?

    congrats. i'm sure you'll enjoy the wheels. sounds like the start of an italian love affair :0
  16. Jees, looks the goods, can you tell me abit more about these bikes? Imports? Still available new? etc, thanks!
  17. i've finished running the bike in, it's had it's first service and clocked up over 1700ks now. the bike's still a dream, save for a wiring problem in the dash. i think it's draining all the electricity, sometimes i'll turn it on, and the power will just drop and drop, until the tacho dies, the battery light starts flashing, the speedo dies and eventually the bike cuts out. after a 1am lesson on push-starting motorbikes i can get it going again, and then the battery runs fine. (until the next time)
    the guys at BikeBiz are already on to it, ordering a new dash under warranty but it could be a few weeks till it arrives. until then each ride is a gamble, but as far as i've heard this sort of temper is normal for the italian bikes

    plus my speedo sometimes displays strange readings. 160?
    definately a wiring problem there

    damn straight
    next bike will be a toss-up between a 600-monster and the daytona

    the new 125 models were only released around 9months ago in Australia, so definately still available new. fully imported, so no grey-nonsense, can still be a biatch to get parts sometimes. this year there will be a red and yellow Fortuna replica available but these will be hard as hell to get a hold of. check the aprilia site for a local dealer. anything else you wanted to know?
  18. Man that is a sexy looking bike! I want one, if I didn't commute I would trade in for one now. :(

    Congrats on the purchase mate enjoy.
  19. Congrats mate. Just bought my rs125 in the black colour.
    Bloody awesome looking bikes, and sounds like loads of fun.
    Can't WAIT to get mine!

    Thought about the red Lorenzo replica, but it looks a little funny in real - apparently its not really the red on the website, but more of a pink/red.

  20. just posted in your thread
    when do you pick up your baby?