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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MisfitPL9, May 31, 2009.

  1. Woo Hooo - thats finally over.

    Attended my P's ( MOST ) course today and passed - only stalled the bike once off the line so lost some points ( stupid Scorpio throttle LOL - thats who I'll blame anyway )

    Awesome day down at Penguin in Tassie - bit chilly but sun was shining. Top instructor made you feel comfortable and all 6 of us passed.

    Was awesome to watch a guy do the test on his V-star ( nice Bike ) and we had to laugh when during practice his saddlebags hit the cones ( he then took them off ) - he did really well

    Road ride was great along Coast Road.

    I am rapt - only 2 years to wait until Harley ( damn )
  2. Congrats & well done :grin: - still got 5 months min & lot's of skill building & bike bonding before i can go for mine

    Nice views & sweeping corners along for the road ride I bet.
  3. Nice one.

    I'm (hopefully) moving to Northern Tasmania at some point this year, if your railways gets itself back into motion and I can't wait to ride that road and many others :D

    Just gotta get myself a less nasty bike for the cruisin' :D

    Do you know the rules for transfer of license to Tasmania? Do my restrictions stay in place? (Hopin' they ignore them here, obviously)
  4. Congratulations; welcome to part two of the learning curve :LOL:.
  5. Thanks Guys

    Thylacine ( cool nick ) - was definitely a great view along Coast road.

    Jellikit - due to the recent de-railing ( one of too many to mention in Tas ) , the upgrades are now confirmed and sleepers are being laid ( Pacific National are doing it with Queensland Rail )
    You will love the roads down here. PM me if you are heading down.

    AS for licence transfer - it will cost about $26 bux or so and YES - your restrictions stay in place.

    Off to learn more.......
  6. Congratulations! always feels great passing the MOST... and taking a step towards the bike you want! :)