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Got my own bike !!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ajl, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. :)
    I can finally stop riding my brothers baby fizza as i scored a 11/06 GPX with under 10Ks for 4K inc some dririder gear, gloves and spare stack hat that all fits my dad, ventura rack and bag and 15mnths warranty.

    Loving being able to just go out when i want for a cruise fang or just to get milk... :grin:

    Lovin the way when ur riding along you can see the bugs and leaves split round you in the air, i've also taken to counter steering round suicidal bugs for practice incase of an emergency

    and its so easy to get up in the mornings now may have waited a good 6 months but i only missed one other true bargain bike (in my mind)

    any ways how good are south gippy roads minus the bumps :?

    so i can now go to coffee nights, WSBK, and rides on my own iron horse

    yeehah :p :twisted:
  2. Congratulations, there is a remarkable sense of freedom that a bike brings.
  3. hip hoorah. BRavo man, enjoy your time
  4. Congrats and it sounds like a great pick up.

    Look after it and flog it off in 2 yrs for the same money :LOL:
  5. 10 points for the Stackhat :grin:


    Congrats on the bike!
  6. cheers guys, photos will come, missus got a digital camera for chrissy.

    took it from my parents Krowera (near loch) to Dargo and back with my brother got back on Saturday was great fun. been goin here there and everywhere in the first week i racked up 500ks.

    the only thing i haven't enjoyed was my little run into southland from my place, being surrounded by cars after being in the country makes me a feel trapped and very f'in vulnerable. Ill get there though.
  7. Bumps are good. You'll learn better control of your bike, and when you get onto a good road, you'll have a ball.. :wink: