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Got my Ninja!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Omecle, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hey, finally got my Ninja250R! I haven't taken it out for a spin yet. I'm in Richmond and am scared, so I might take it to Berwick where my girlfriend lives and ride it around there.

    Can't wait to get out there on the road! This bike is so sweet!

  2. Well you just walked in and demanded the shiniest damn bike they had, huh? :)

    Good work.


    Is the colour saturation in a couple of those shots a camera effect or did you play with them on the computer? Looks pretty groovy.
  3. Thanks man! The ones with me in it have a different filter on the camera (sister left it on Text filter). Even though it's not clear, it looks fairly trippy. Haha.
  4. Really wrapped for you mate, zipped past one yesterday on the blade.... slowed for a second look though... Very nice in the red!

    Anytime ya need someone to take you and Katepants out, you know my number mate.

  5. they are quite pleasant for a 250, arent they.
  6. Congrats mate !!!!

    :LOL: :LOL:
  7. I have to agree it's the prettiest 250cc bike i've seen!
  8. hey wat was wrong with my VTR? :mad: :p

    agreed though, theyre a damn nice looking faired 250.
    spesh in the red :grin:

  9. Cheers Ben! Might try and ride it myself back to Berwick on the highway, not sure.
  10. Very shiny, looks good, congrats.
    Nice to see you got gear to match :grin:

    Now get a Yoshi slip-on, my mate has one on his and it sounds beefy as, i can actually hear him riding in front/behind me haha.
  11. Wow those ninja 250r's are sexier then I thought.
    fcuk me they are hot...

    Just don't fall off. Its too beautiful.
  12. lol missing your front wheel in the 3rd pic!!! Farkin sexy as tho.... the bike that is!
  13. lmao that's coz he spends so much time on the back he doesn't need it... that tripped me out when you said that.. was like WTF?!

    Nibs, i'm sorry....

    Logan THATS THE F*&^ING BEST LOOKING fully faired 250cc BIKE I'VE EVER SEEN lol


    Serious tho dude, if you want me to come in and follow you out one night let me know, any excuse for a ride and a chat
  14. Wow, thats a very nice bike, and me likes the jacket aswell! Oh and the helmet, very pretty, almost got an Arai, but their visor removal system is very strange and overly complex.
  15. wowie !!
    i wonder what ll be the consequences if he rides infront of a bull ??? :twisted:

    congratz on your new bike mate !! really nice looking bike...and welcome to the brotherhood of ninja : :twisted:
    lemme know if u wanna go for a ride to build up some confidence, I stay pretty close to your place :)
  16. :shock: wheres the front wheel! :shock:
    hhaha thats better ben :p
    ot sorry op, u get my msg bout 21st, ben?
    cant PM, damn admin lol
  18. Rubbish,
    extemely easy, takes 2 seconds and is very robust. If you find it hard, you do not deserve an arai :p

    Nibs, mate I got it, sorry been flat out forgot to reply but I SHOULD be there, i'll put it in my work diary now...
  19. Heres mine that i picked up on fri. Just ride it mate... you'll be fine.
    I rode mine home from the shop... i'm on my learners. Was a bit nervous but was fine. On my first day had to deal with Wet roads, hardcore rain, Hardcore wind, freeway, city traffic, tram tracks and night ride!
    I work in richmond so if you wanna go for a ride sometime give me a yell. Also im going to the thurs night mystery ride on thurs night if you're keen to join another newbie ninja rider there... i can meet you and ride there with you etc give me a yell if keen:)
    Ps see if you can spot the few little things i've done to it in the 2nd pics (2nd day i owned it) from the first pic (when i first got it). Also put some red pinstriping on the rims last night too... breaks it up a bit. Will put pics up when i take some:)
  20. Nice little bike you've got there mate! Not had a chance to ride one myself, but hear nothing but good reviews! Enjoy her and keep her rubber side down!