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Got my new ride today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bex84, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys i found my first bike today got a CBR250RR 96 Aussie model tri-colour, it's got some cracks in the fairings where it was dropped but thats expected with the age. Only 17000k's (genuine), has a Yoshi pipe and tinted screen.
    I havnt been able to get off the thing, i road it home and dropped some stuff off then went straight back out for a few hours, the bike flys and handles well. In the end i had to put her in the garage and go and pick my car up from the dudes house lol...
    Cant wait to go to work 2moro so i can get on my bike again!!! I'm addicted already :grin:

  2. Haha. Awesome!! I know that feeling of being addicted to the bike. I got mine in August and I still cant get off it.

    Dude lets see some pics :grin:

    Ride safe and hit that 18,000rpm mark at least once a day. Nothing like the sound of that tiny engine screaming its tits off. :biker:
  3. Good luck ever selling your bike on here and convincing people that its been babied.

    Congrats onthe new bike, got any pics?
  4. congrats on the bike, get some pics up and stay safe on the roads.
  5. no bike is babied, anyone buying a bike should know that already...

    they are built to be ridden hard.

    i agree with the high revving, keep that engine in its power band, thats where it wants to be :D
  6. Thanks guys, lol i havnt taken any pics yet but i will take some soon and post em up for ya
  7. Sounds good.


    Know that for a fact do you :?:



    Never trust kms.
  8. Pics are coming soon!!!

    Well i do trust the guy and he is a member of this forum so you can call him out if you feel like it...lol. I believe it to be genuine though
  9. Congrats on the new bike.

    I remember when I first got my bike. And how fast it was compared to a car. Just recently I'm starting to feel its getting a little slow. I had it for almost 12months now. I find that I regularly hit the throttle on almost every trip.

    Ride safe...
  10. Hey guys i just took some quick pics using my phone camer but the quality is not that great...
    I will get some better pics up soon :)


  11. Would anyone seriously buy a CBR thinking that the engine has never seen 18,000rpm?? Keep it under the redline and change the oil frequently and they'll last a long time.

    Edit: Sweet pics dude.
  12. Welcome to the wonderful world of grinning Bex.. :grin:
  13. how much did you get it for?

    not trying to be rude or anything but 16000km means its been riden around 1250km's a year...
  14. I could believe it, with a seat that firm and pegs that high. ;)

    Congrats on the new (to you) bike, bex! :grin:
  15. Got it for $5200 Which i think is excelent considering the obseen prices some people are still asking for even the import cbr's

    Well the fact that i have the sevice books and alot of the old pink slips which verify the K's over the years kinda helps me believe it :wink:

    The last owner who i just bought it off had owned the bike since 2002 and bought it with 10000K's on it. I was shocked too and had to ask why it had only done an average of 1000K's a year since he owned it and he said it was only a toy for the weekends but even then he didnt ride it much cause all his mates stopped riding and he also has a car and bought a vespa so it just sat around for ages.

    Just goto add that Yoshi pipe attracts alot of attention, i went for a ride with my mate last night, he has an FZR250 and let me lead most of the way. Each time we pulled up at lights he would say that every person and car we went past was looking over at my bike cause it sounds so beefy and the tri colour turns a few heads :grin:
  16. looks to be in good condish, and you got a good price too :D
  17. congrats mate,enjoy! :grin: