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Got my new bike today!!! MV Agusta!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mr_Ignorant, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Well i there is a new addition to the garage as of this morning!

    It's an MV Agusta F4 750 EVO3 :grin:

    Excuse the quality as the shots were taken on my mobile. I'll take some better pics tomorrow.



    It looks unreal, sounds great and the harder you ride it the more it loves it. I was considering a few different bikes and i know i have made the right choice. It's something that makes you feel special just sitting on it which no other bike did. That was exactly what i was after and i could be happier :grin:

    A big shout out to Andrew from Alto Motorcycles in Chatswood![/img]
  2. Congrats :)

    I was test riding some bikes there a while ago, some kwaks and yamys. I asked the guys at Alto if I could try one a while back, they just laughed :grin:
  3. Very, very nice indeed. I'll try to keep the congrats and good wishes meters high and the envy meter lower... ;)
  4. Awesome bike :!:

    A mate at work just bought the same bike a couple of weeks ago. They look unreal in the flesh, those pics just dont do it justice.

    The finish on them is amazing and they sound unreal, now I just have to get him to let me ride it :twisted:
  5. very nice..

    how many hp she put out?
  6. congratulations, is good to see something different, not the usual hon kawa yam, (yes I know inline 4) I had a Husky 610sm (super motard) and everyone wanted to stop and talk about it, just love those 4 pipes out the back :cool:
  7. 135hp or close enough to 99kws.
  8. Cheers guys.

    Yep it's 135hp and weighs around 190kg. The weight sounds like a lot but when you are riding the bike it feels incredibly light.
  9. Shoulda said it was an awsome bike too, but I didn't cos I am jealous!

    Enjoy it ya bastard! lol
  10. Congrats looks very very cool :cool: .

    Only read a review on the 750 last night ,didn't know they come on the 750cc .

    Enjoy the new ride :grin:
  11. Congrats on a most excellent per-chase!!

    Remember a few years back up at the Mount White bikers stop and John Singleton and his missus turn up on their bikes.
    Guess what he was riding? Beautiful Augusta

    VVVVery nice. :applause:

    Great stuff.

  12. Bloody hell, what a desirable bike!

    Oh, and Ktulu loves for the piccies!
  13. Hell yeah nice bike!

    One of the nicest sportsbikes around.
  14. Looks like Bruce Wayne's bike !

    nice !
  15. Very nice mate, nice to see something different on the road.

  16. Che bellissima! :grin:
  17. Here are 2 pics from the bunch i took today.



    You may have seen us briefly at Pie in the Sky this afternoon.

    If you do, make sure you come and say hello :wink:
  18. Nice one Mr Ig. When the time comes, and it will, let all the Jap sports bike owners bang on long and loud about value for money and overall performance figures and all that crap as much as they like...then point to the tank badge. Arguement over. :cool:
  19. Nice bike. I've had my mv f41000 now for 2 1/2 years and just love the bike to bits. If your ever down my way drop a email and we'll go for a ride. They can be a difficult bike to ride but once you learn what way to ride them a very forgiving ride.
  20. Very nice. Very nice indeed. Can you actually see anything in the mirrors?