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Got my new beast!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Butzull, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. At long last the day arrived...upgrade time and the dealer had the new bike ready.

    I went and mid-afternoon to pick up my new BMW F800ST from Southbank and promptly took it up the Black Spur to pop in and say g'day to Ray, get a Steak Sanger and to run it in "as the book suggests", in hilly, twisty bits. :grin:

    For a bit more fun and to avoid peak hour Maroondah traffic, I went the back way, through Templestowe, Kangaroo Ground and Yarra Glen to get across to Healesville, and I felt totally at home on it before Warrandyte.

    I have to say, that although the gearbox sounds like a bunch of nails rattling around in a tin, that's just an aesthetic thing, the bike rides like a dream and is insanely easy to toss about in the twisties...even coming straight off a 250. I felt much more comfortable on the F800 on the Spur than I used to on the VTR250.

    Apparently there's a "fix", or perhaps I should say "improver" available for the gearbox noise available in Europe already, which will be nice, but I'm happy as Larry regardless.

    The bad news is that within about 5 hours of picking it up, I was a quarter of the way to the first service...the good news is that the cast majority of that 260km was in the hills. Lovely!

    Anyway, just thought I'd get my "new bike" post in. I'll put some pics up when I stop riding long enough to take some. ;)

  2. Well done gav, time to post it up in the garage.

    I do like these the ST looks like a winner, is the modern TRX800.

    :worthlesspics: :worthlesspics:
  3. Now......wipe that grin off ya face. :LOL:

    Great stuff!
  4. Congratulations! I just had a look at the BMW web-site and the concept appears terrific, and by what you say, the execution is too!!
  5. How's the riding position?
  6. Congrats Butzull, they look like a nice machine. Had a sit on one at the expo, not a bad riding position, very similar to the VFR.

    Read somewhere not sure if here or another forum something about the tank expanding causing rubbing on the tyre and losing fuel.

    May have been fixed up already, maybe something to keep an eye on.
  7. Thanks for the review

    Enjoy the F800 and yeah some pics would be :cool:
  8. So THAT'S what it was.. I saw one of these today and I was like "WTF? Road beemer... but I can see header-pipes :? "

    So now I know... good lookin' cycle actually. Seems like a nice compromise between tourer and sportyishnessicity.

    Is it?
  9. Sorry guys...I'm ashamed to say it but I still haven't taken a photo of my new machine, that would involve getting off it. :)

    I'll get onto it soon, honest!

    To answer a couple of questions:

    Riding position is awesome for me. Almost standard Beemer fair being more upright than the Viffer (which was a shortlist bike for me). I'm only 165cm (5'5") so the optional lower seat at 790 was perfect. The VFR and Sprint were just that touch too high for comfort, particularly given I'll use her regularly for inner-city commuting.

    For the commute, weighing in 30kg lighter than either the VFR or the Sprint was a big plus too...and the fuel economy is awesome for an 800. First refuel tonight needed 13l for the 290km I'd done at that stage, including LOTS of work in the Dandenongs.

    It also came in quite a lot cheaper than the other two for insurance, all at about the same base price as one another. Then there's the look. Love it, love it, love it! :)

    The ONLY negative I can point at is the noises... the clunky gear-changes and grinding of the innards at low revs, but I've heard some of that recedes over time and the rest is just "BMW character". Meh!

    I promise, pictures soon(ish)! :p

  10. Oh alright then! Fresh from a couple of minutes ago, here
    and here
    and here
    are some pics with a LOVELY concrete scenic backdrop. :)

  11. Stylish belt-guard on the swingarm...

    ... ZOMG beltdrive!
  12. Very Noice!
  13. Goodonya mate. Any day that you get a new bike is a good day. I am always like a dog with 2 chrome dix on new bike day, but it is always raining.
  14. At last, Gav - pics! Hey, I'm not generally a BMW kinda gal, but those pics look hot! I'd ride that beauty! :LOL:

    Keep having fun :)
  15. very sexy mate, very very sexy
  16. Good work :)

    ABS model I see?
  17. Absolutely. My wife was keen for me to get ABS, and who knows, just might help me one day.

    It comes with centre stand and heated grips standard and I added most of the other onboard mods in while we were at it: ABS, Bike Computer and Alarm.

    I got a set of panniers for one day too...but they went straight into the cupboard for the time being. :)

  18. these bikes are currently top of the list for an eventual upgrade...(still got to get the P's though :LOL: )

    Mrs is rather keen on it too which is a good thing :grin: . Love the colour too...much better than the grey i've seen them in.
  19. Congrats mate, nice bike. Enjoy :cool:
  20. Another potential problem - is that you give other people a chance to look at the bike, and then they want one too!.

    Great bike - and the report so far sounds like it was a good choice for you