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Got my L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by OscarA, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. Well that was easier and harder than I thought.
    Went down to Armstrongs in Thomastown yesterday for my L's and had a great time.
    We had CBF250's to learn on which where fun and after an hour or so I finally started feeling confident with the bike.
    The test was easy enough but I kept thinking I'll do something stupid and mess it up but luckily I aced it.
    Throughout the day though I did notice I kept doing 2 finger braking and it was pointed out as a dangerous habit I kept doing and one I would be well advised to correct.
    I also had trouble with the counter-steering so that's something I'll have to work on when I get a bike as it's on the test for P's and something I'll need to help avoiding cars etc..
    Overall it was a fun day and for anyone thinking about going for their L's don't think just do it you'll love it.
    I was surprise how many ladies where in the class yesterday we had 5 ladies and 6 men so nearly a 50-50 split which was good to see.

    Also a big thanks to Gary and Aaron for their patience with me, there where times I'm sure they would have loved to have called me a knucklehead but instead smiled and gave advise.
  2. Congrats on the L's Oscar :)

    I am going for mine this weekend *WOOT*

    Enjoy the riding :)
  3. Just remember to have fun and try not to get to nervous and you'll be fine.

    There's not to much to do to pass the L's just 5 things in the practical test

    * left hand turn within lines, must also use blinker
    * right hand turn within lines, must also use blinker
    * emergency stopping at 20kph and stopping within 7m, most stops were done within 4-5m so 7m is generous.
    * stopping without stalling on 1m square painted area (front wheel on square)
    * slow speed riding within designated lines, must take longer than 10sec.

    All these things must be don't without stalling but you'll be amazed how quickly you get used to taking off without stalling.

    Just relax and enjoy the day and listen to the instructors and you'll be all smiles by the end of it.
  4. Congrats! Great news OscarA!

    Have fun riding, be safe!
  5. If you'v ridden a bicycle, you know how to counter steer. Exactly same thing on the motorcycle. Congrats and welcome to the two wheeled world of fun and madness.
  6. Sounds like the Victorian test is much more difficult than the NSW one. In fact the NSW is almost impossible to fail. One of my friends did his Ls recently and was in a group with one girl who stalled countless times and also managed to drop her bike 3 times. She was passed ...

    I also have another friend who did his Ls with someone who freaked out, rolled on the throttle and went straight into the wire fence at around 20kmph. He was passed also.

    I get the feeling that the NSW test is a lot like primary school. As long as you attend, you can't fail.
  7. Thanks dimi, see you've checked out that Zeal, hopefully it's in good shape and your dad gives it the nod for you.

    I understand the concept of counter steering but boy I found it hard to do.
    I understand you do it without thinking but when the instructor says look left to where you want to go and push on the left side of the bars I just kept stuffing it.
    I kept feeling the sensation that I'm looking left but I'm steering right.
    When I get a bike and feel confident riding I'll start practicing counter steering.
    Once I get over the fear that I wont fall of I should be right.

    Does sound like our test is harder but most of us yesterday had never ridden a bike and for myself I haven't ridden one in 25yrs and most of us passed except 2.
    The 2 who failed I believe let nerves get in the way as they seemed to be doing well all day and didn't make the mistakes that failed them during practice.