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Got my L's yesterday, and my bike today!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Didly, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. So I did the 2 day course with HART at Tullamarine which was alot of fun :grin: . Today I went into the city via train to pick up the blue ZZR250 that I had on hold for me. Probably wasn't the best idea for me to have my first drive from Elizabeth st, down the eastern freeway to home, but I made it alive :LOL: . I stalled it a couple of times when I was trying to leave the shop :oops: , left my blinker on a few times after completing turns, driving too slow...typical learner haha.

    After having made it home with the bike, and then cleaning my pants, I took it for a drive in some back streets to get a little more comfortable. I've already had my first drop which is a good thing to get out of the way. I tried making a right hand turn, uphill from a stop. Went a little wide, hit gravel on side of the road and bike slid down the ditch a little(DON'T LOOK WHERE YOU DONT WANT TO GO!). Picked it up fine, and got the fcuk out of there, with a shattered ego. Once I finally got to the back streets, was alot of fun, still have ALOT to learn...obviously.

    Coming from an auto licence on cars, gear selection is a major thing I have to learn. Also, just being able to trust the bike to go where I am looking is another thing too, but I'm sure it will come with time.

    The only bummer is that I'm pretty sure I'll get bored of the ZZR250 fairly quickly because I'm a pretty heavy guy. Didn't think it would be as slow as it is taking off...unless it's just me.
  2. Congrats mate :) Beautiful day to pick up your bike. Just got home from a nice long ride myself.

    Whereabouts are ya located?
  3. Don't worry too much about performance; I'm betting you haven't been above 5,000 revs yet, and that's where it gets interesting :).
  4. Congrats on the bike.. and for your ride home !.
    I only live 10 minutes from the dealer and i chickened out and got it delivered :)
    No damage from the drop ?

    I'm about 110kg, on a the new 250r.. which apparently is practically a ZZR.. Through break-in i didn't go past 5000rpm.. but soon after... whoo.. there was a
    "shit i better hold on" moment..
    the real power just starts (on mine at least) at about 5500 up to about 9500...
    I haven't had a problem at taking off from the lights... the only people that are faster are other bikers on bigger bikes.

    enjoy and be safe

  5. Lol, going down the freeway I was sitting on 7,000 in 6th gear doing 100 :oops: . I'm pretty much the rider and a pillion...i weigh 120kg. There is a bit of damage to the fairing from the drop. Just scratches though, because it slid a bit down the ditch on stones

    EDIT: I'm from Croydon by the way. Right near all the good twisties :grin: when i get to that stage that is
  6. The fun starts at 8000 :)

  7. I gotta adjust to the sound of a motorbikes engine from a cars. When I hear a car sounding like that, it doesn't sound healthy! I guess bikes love it
  8. Yeah, that happened to me too. Whenever I went near the actual powerband of the bike it sounded to me like it was going to explode, eventually I ended up trying to shift up from 6th on a suburban street and thought "this aint right".

    Don't worry about the noise, the reason it's so loud is because you're sitting on it - if you were under the bonnet of a car it'd be loud too. Generally you want to cruise at about 7000 for fuel economy, then if you need to accelerate away for some reason, the power'll come on nearly as soon as you twist the handgrip.
  9. fantastic isn't mate, 'thou I reckon they should stick a health warning on bikes saying how addictive they are. I've only had mine for a month and already racked up over 4500km. I found that the run out to Woori and then through to Healsville is a good confidence booster fairly quiet and good roads, but no doubt sombody here will know a better one.

    Have fun and see you out there.
  10. Grats on your license and ride home! Pretty brave doing it out of the city!

    Don't worry about the performance. My zzr250 takes off pretty quick from the lights and when you're flogging it around the hills at 10 - 11k on the tacho, then it has a bit more responsiveness.

    Just don't expect to get to 140kph quickly. :p
  11. yeah i picked up my bike today aswell, had to ride it to north sydney from parramatta, had a quick ride around the back streets for 20mins or so before i headed off on the trip home. was fun being out on the M4, parramatta road. wanted to keep riding but looked like it was going to rain so called it quits for the day, turns out it didn't rain. can't ride tomorrow because i have to work, and we go to sea for a week on monday so won't beable to ride again untill next weekend, not happy.

    don't think i'll do anymore motorway riding untill i get a bit more experience up on the bike.

    had no idea it was going to be this addictive, but i like it :p
  12. Muahahahaha, I found the powerband today :twisted: Sooo much fun! Also learned a pretty good lesson - Don't touch the white lines when turning through an intersection! I didn't fall, but I definately slid!