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Got my L's today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by SBOB, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Well its official..im now legally allowed to ride the GS500 in my garage on the road :)
    Failed the knowledge test the first time due to brain fart or something, swore to myself and got 45/45 the 2nd time like i should have initially :)

    Anyway, now im kinda sh&ttin myself/nervous about actually venturing onto the real roads...prolly due to the rather simplistic nature of the riding part of the l's teaching(rather elementary though i did manage to fcuk up once or twice but it was my first time on a bike)

    Any tips on confidence building, im sure after the first 5 mins ill be fine but its a worrying step :)
  2. RIDE :biker:
  3. Congrats man!!! Once you get on the road you will be fine, i garantee you will become addicted as soon as you hit your 1st corner :)

    I was nervous as hell cause i had never riden a sports bike before (only dirt bikes and that was off road), i bought my bike on sunday and road it straight home from Ashfield down parramatta road to Maroubra, dropped some stuff off at home and continued cruising for quiet a few hours!! I havnt got off the thing yet!
  4. Just take it nice and easy in a quiet area at a quiet time - you will have many years ahead of you if you take the right approach now!

    Best friend you have is plenty of space around you.....you will get more confident and quicker as time goes by - but there is no rush!
  5. Congrats mate!! I'm about two and bit weeks into my Ls.

    The nervousness of the first ride was very much with me too. I have too much time to think about things. :p

    Some jump in the deep end and ride in heavy traffic and for long distances but I'm more of the 'take it easy in quiet streets' kind of person. I even paid a little more money to the guy I bought the bike from to ride it to my place. I did this for the first couple of rides, really wanted to get the hang of cornering and start/stopping before joining the crazy Sydney traffic, even turning my head with the helmet on took getting used to. Not only do we have to learn new skills and road ettiquette (sp) as a rider (instead of a driver) but also trying to learn and get the feeling of a a new bike.

    Too right!
  6. when i first started i went up and down the street and i thought "oh man i dont think im ever gonna be confident". But then my mate convinced me to venture outside the street. And honestly as soon as i hit normal traffic, and worrying about signalling and stuff... I gained confidence VERY QUICKLY.
  7. I have been riding for 9 days now! :) The pre-learner course was my first time on a bike, having got through that and passed the DKT I went out and bought the new KLE500 I had my eye on.

    I got the dealer to deliver the bike to me, as you say the course is very elementary and did not give me any confidence to ride on the road (did the course at the HART place in St Ives).

    That first time out on the bike was scary!! I live on a very busy road that I can only turn left on to from my driveway, luckily to the right are lights so I waited for them to stop the traffic for me. Also lucky that the road is two lanes each way because I needed all of the two lanes available to me!! It was a real :shock: moment! About 400m down the road is then a 90deg left corner followed immediately by a 90 deg right, I only had to survive the left as there was a straight ahead exit before the right which I wanted to take anyway. I told myself that as long as I made it around the first corner then I would be ok and I did. :)

    Have been out every day for about 1 hour just riding around the quiet back roads which is great because there are lots of different road conditions and junctions to contend with.

    My aim is to get to a point where gear changing, cornering and braking are natural to me, or at least requiring minimal thought, then I will venture out into traffic. I think this will be next week as I am already very comfortable with the technicalities of riding a bike.

    I would highly recommend riding around local streets with as many different road styles and junctions as you can. The roads I have been riding around have hills, roundabouts, stop lines, traffic lights, one way streets, tight corners, sweeping corners and speed bumps. All without much traffic.

    Getting out into traffic is going to require us to concentrate on plenty of things, the last thing I want to do is stuff up a gear change with a car behind me!