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got my l's today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cosi, Mar 31, 2005.

  1. just waiting to sell my 'cage' so i can afford bike and gear.

    are most people going to ride for life?
  2. Well done on the L's! i see your from the SE side of melb so i hope to see you come in for coffee on Friday and/or Mondays!
  3. Congrats Cosi!

    I hope to ride for life - although I imagine there may be periods when it's not practical and I drive mostly (like now... :cry: :cry: )

  4. Hey Cosi

    Congrats on your "liberation" :D
  5. Welcome Cosi :)
  6. welcome cosi , come into coffee and meet some people sit on some bikes get some tips about bikes and gear and have a coffee at the same time

    see sticky in rides and events section at the top (friday night coffee)
  7. he he he he... :)

    Can we change Groberts title from "Incorrigible Poster" to "Coffee night Pimp" :D :LOL: :D

    Welcome Cosi, enjoy!!

    I think most people who get their "L's" and contiinue on to get "P's" and then full license are riders for life.
    Weekend riders, commuters or the only method of transport, once bitten, you can't let go!!!

    I've all but given up the tintop, gave it to my better half, I only drive it if I need the carrying/seating capacity, or the trailer (wife won't drive the car with the trailer connected)

  8. Good Work Cosi!

    Hope to see you around some time

  9. Well done! ride for life, live to ride etc :)
  10. Congrats....... seeya round
  11. Congrats mate.

  12. :D :D congrats cosi, see you out there! :wink:
  13. everything else is falling down around our ears and were not sure who we are or coming or going , but coffee night is the one certianty :D :D
  14. Shit Yeah!!! I'm gonna be riding for a long, long, long, looooooooooonnnnnggggg time. It's just way tooooo much fun not to do.

    Oh BTW, congrats on getting your L's.
  15. good on you i hope you enjoy as much as us i know
    i still get rev out the bike as me. after 30+ years
  16. Excellent Cosi, congrats on the L's... what bike are you looking at?

    Hang on to the tintop if you can, it's much easier fitting a set of golf-clubs, bag & buggie into the back than trying to strap it onto a bike... I'm lucky my other half don't mind loosing her car on Saturday mornings :)

    Let us know what bike you eventually get.
  17. Congratulations Cosi - stay safe & have fun!
  18. Congrats, Cosi - see you at coffee!
  19. yeah i would like to hold onto it, but i may just buy a daily driver for 2g+.. or fix up my VB/VL, hehe.

    i'm looking at suzuki gsx across or cbr250rr, i'd rather pay a little bit extra for the better features. (RR)

    i lose my license on the 11th for a month though ( :| ) so i'll prolly be riding around my suburb for awhile before i get out on the main roads.

    btw mark and anthony were great at HART.