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Got my l's, now what?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Danielt, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. So I got my l's the other day, and now I need a bike and gear.
    I 've been looking at the vtr250 and ninja 250, leaning towards the vtr cos I'm 19 and it should be cheaper to insure and repair.

    Also I'm to impatient to save the 5 or so grand so I'm considering a loan, I can pay it off fairly quickly but should I just save for Couple months?

  2. Loans are a great idea. If you do it properly, a $5K bike should end up only costing about twice that much if you are lucky.
  3. Itd be a 5k loan payed fortnightly over 1 year at a rate of 10.25%. ill pay almost $300 interest, but not 5k. Ideally thatd get my about a 4500 dollar bike with a bit left over for use with some savings for the gear.
  4. You might want to check insurance costs. Comp could be $1500+
  5. That under 25 age bracket is a killer ](*,) . I know insurance wont be cheap, Ill have to go and suss out my options
  6. Try riding for awhile before you buy your gear, as riding will give you an idea on what you actually need,
    There's oodles of stuff out there, but, you need stuff that is specifically just for you.
    and riding will narrow down what you need and dont need.
  7. Riding without gear?


    I'd rather buy the gear first - then the bike.
  8. I have been riding for 47 years, I know what I need to ride,

    Heather has been riding for 9 weeks. 600 kmlms all up.

    So far she has had 3 helmets, four gloves, two pair of pants and another on layby, 2 Jackets.

    Leather and dry rider. and she is still not happy with her gear,

    How much do you spend on good gear before you are happy with your gear,

    Buy cheap good gear to learn with, then when you have been riding a while,

    Buy gear that suits you, only riding experience will give you knowledge on what you actually need for your self.

    Its very individual, the gear you ride in.

    Its like buying a bike, You buy a bike to suit you. Not what other people suggest you should ride,

    Its common sence.

    And I am not having a go at you Marie.

  9. that's the worst advice i've heard, deadman.

    you're most likely to come off in the first few months of riding than at any other time. even just dropping a bike can give you some serious injuries.

    gear first - then bike.

    congrats on the L's :)
  10. Brian, I bought 1 helmet, 1 pair of boots, 2 pairs of gloves, one jacket and some pants prior to getting my bike. It's about trying it on in the shop, being comfortable, making sure all aspects are covered like if it rains etc.

    I wasn't fully happy with the pants, but I changed them in 6 months time. I didn't waste my money.
  11. Hether has dropped a bike 6 times so far. and has not got any injuries, a couple of bruises,
  12. Lucky heather. Head to the near misses section and check out all the L platers drops and crashes. Knock yourself out.
  13. +1 to the gear.. I had a lowside a few months ago. If I was wearing jeans instead of the leathers I probably would have done serious damage to my knees and hands. The slider on my knee is worn down a few cms from the crash. Without the ankle protection my boots provided the damage to my ankle would have been much worse too. Shudder to think that would have probably worn my bone down.

    My mum (an RN) has a few stories about bikers who didn't wear gear and the injuries that they got from simple offs at 50kmph. At that speed jeans and a normal jacket don't do much but in normal gear you'd almost certainly walk away provided you didn't hit a gutter etc. They have to debride your skin, basically cleaning it with brushes to remove gravel/rocks and what-not from your cuts to prevent infection.

    Think of it this way - if you ride without gear to save some money your medical bills WHEN you come off will be very high. Skin grafts aren't cheap nor are ambulances

    I'd recommend saving up for a while and learning the prices of bikes while looking at and buying gear. If you get a loan for the bike generally they want it to be comprehensively insured ($1,500+ a year with an excess of usually $1000. For my bike they wanted $2,400 with no speeding tickets or prior accidents). If you're happy for your bike to have a few scratches you can get away with repairing your bike for quite cheap. My bike got repaired to a point where you couldn't really notice without looking hard for $502 (it's a naked) and that was without oggy knobs either. The excess would have been twice that. If you buy a cheaper bike, just the premium + one excess is enough to buy an entire new bike. I don't know why you'd bother with it however it's justified if you're spending $7k+. Just make sure you DO get third party property, it's ~$200 and gives you ~$10m in cover so if you rear end a Bentley you aren't simultaneously declaring bankruptcy.

    For the gear I'd recommend leathers as if you have a crash in them you can generally get away with not replacing them however with textiles they will need to be replaced. You can compromise a bit for practicality (obviously wearing a 1 piece race suit to commute is a bit ridiculous) but at the very least make sure you have no exposed skin.
  14. Yeah thanks for the tips guys.
    I won't be riding without gear, the day I buy the bike I'll simultaneously be looking for gear.
    I'm working full time so I'm not particularly poor or anything, I'm looking at used vtr250s because they are naked and and
    appear to be solid learner bikes. Ive never had any accidents or tickets in my car so hopefully that will help.
    The loan idea is more because I'm impatient then anything else haha
  15. I don't know, get a bike.

    but insurance will also cover replacement of gear, hitch hiking in an ambo among other things.
  16. ^^You can get 3rd party insurance that includes gear cover (IMR does), ambo cover is a seperate item. I wouldn't comp insure anything with a value under $5k if your under 25. The premiums are crazy. My first bike (gpx) cost $1800, full comp was quoted at $2000 plus excesses of $800. Why anyone would pay this is beyond me... I spent $140 on third party and never had an issue. So if you're getting a loan, go personal and insure it yourself.

    Re gear; I think your best bet is getting some good quality, generic gear to get you on the road. A good leather jacked, boots, helmet, golves and kevlar jeans, then decided what's most important to you. You might decided you want some $500 sidi boots or a 2 piece suit...You'll still use your original stuff if its solid and plain.
  17. Does comp cover ambulance rides too? Wouldn't that be under health insurance policy? Might be worthwhile.. Mine cost something like $700 for a relatively short one.. I wouldn't want to have one called while out on the Putty or something.
  18. Exactly what I did, i made sure i had the $3500 for my bike, and a grand left over for gear.

    went into my local bike store and said 'I need gear, help me please' Quick as a flash a local sales guy came over to ask me what i was after, what i liked etc. I bought DriRider, because leather looks bad on me. Pair of Gloves, the jacket, boots etc. Only thing i did not get is the pants, they will come soon.

    Go to your local store and ask for help, There will most likely be a person more then happy to help you, after all your looking at close to a thousand bucks worth of gear, all told.
  19. Check you pds or whatever the thing is called. But I would expect it to cover all expenses caused by a crash.
  20. Most vehicle insurance doesn't. Some health insurance will.


    TAC may pay in the event of an accident but its best to just buy ambulance insurance directly and not have to think about calling 000 or a taxi.
    $75 a year.