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GOT MY L'S!!!!!!!! now to find a bike....

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. ey guys

    got my L's yesterday!!!!! now looking for a bike. Really like the kawasakis.....been looking at the zxr 250. Found a nice one in box hill which ill go look at. Its 5100 and done 60000 km. Bit overpriced but hopefully bargain him down. I dont wanna pay to much for a 250. Want a bike that looks nice but i do realise its just a 250 and i will only be riding it for a year or so. Any surgestions where the best place to pick up a 250 is through dealer or private sale?

    Also if anyone knows anyone who is trying to offload a 250 kawasaki let me know....wanna get a bike pritty quickley so i can hit the road:)

    Thanks Guys
  2. Hey mate, keep in mind someone on the forum is selling this for 4K:

    And probably in much better condition than the one you're looking at. Yes its in Vic, but its good compare the prices. The one in vic looks like a fantastic little one!

    Note that zx2rs are cheaper than cbr250rrs, as they're not as popular. What year of production is the one you're looking at and when was it imported? I DEFINITELY wouldn't pay any more than 4000 for it. Take to bike mechanic to get it checked before you buy it, you can use what the mech tells you as points to barter the guy down. Rego, tyres, chain, sprockets, consumeables, is it due for service, does it have full service history, is chain properly lubed (shows if they know anything/are lazy), look for crash damage eg. on bar ends, scrapes on fairing and exhaust.

    And maybe try to see if a net rider in the area could come help you check it out.

    Yes private is the way to go, stealerships are rough!

  3. EYY Mate

    thanks for your response. Makes alot of sence and i will definately get it checked by a mechanic


    THERES A link to the bike. Looks like a nice bike. Only problem is looks like its been purchased from somoto going by the pic:p Its actually in balwyn not box hill. Yeh i did see that siver zxr for sale on here. Very nice looking bike but am preferably looking for a black or yellow bike.
  4. Ahk, the jacket gloves and jeans are worth few hundred to you. The helmet.. I'd keep it as a backup helmet for pillions you dont like much, since you dont know if its been dropped.

    Sumoto charges huge amounts for old bikes in not that great mechanical condition. So assuming he bought it from them, he'll be wanting to get some $ back from it.

    Getting it for low 4000s would be pretty reasonable, as long as there is full service history and as long as mechanic gives it thumbs up (only take it to a bike mechanic, car mechs wont know what they're looking at).

  5. will do mate. Are greys imports bad to buy? Heard they are dodgy and can cost alot of money to fix... (Sorry this is my last question lol)
  6. No they're not inherently bad to buy. Most 250 crotch rockets are imports.

    But alot of them are thrashed for all their lives by L/P platers who often don't know how/can't be bothered maintaining them properly. So getting one with a later import date is a good thing imo. But if they have a full service history and a thorough bike mech inspection goes well, theres no reason to be afraid of buying it.

  7. ah k thats good then. Thanks alot for your help mate. Ill make sure i get it checked over thoroughly for sure:)
  8. It took me well over a month to find a good bike that I was happy with. I would suggest you shop around with someone who knows bikes/has been around bikes for a while and speak with a number of shops so you get an understanding of what you are looking for. Also take your time.

    One of the bikes that I looked at early on seemed pretty good to me, but when I took my mate along to check it out (he has been riding for over 20 years), he instantly told me not to get it. He spotted straight away a number of faults that I missed and would have cost me a packet to fix.

    Probably also worth getting a bike sold with RWC so that any major issues are identified before the sale.
  9. Congrats Ninja!!! The journey begins :grin:

    The ZX2R was my equal favourite bike, but I ended up getting a CBR250RR due to a good deal. I chose to buy from a shop (Metro in Ringwood), but only because I trusted the shop - and they did look after me well. My previous bike that met its fate pretty early was bought from a different shop, but that turned out to be not such a great idea.

    So yeah - if you already have a relationship with a shop and they've proven to look after you, go with them, but otherwise just use the shops to test ride and get a feel for which bike is best for you.
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  11. Ey guys...

    went and looked at a bike yesterday. The bike is immaculate. Looked spotless, paint job was perfect no scrathes or anything. Bike started straight up. The guy is asking 4.8 with road worth and 10 months rego. Only thing is it has no service history. He said the bike came with no service history and thats how he got it. The bikes done 29000 km.

    Ive posted a link on here.....what do you guys think?

  12. There are a number of companies that will go out and inspect the bike for you (or if the owner can drop it off some shops will do the same). Probably worth doing, especially considering it has no service history.

  13. yeh coz the bike is spotless(or seems to be anyway) no leakages, starts straight up n everything. doesnt the roadworthy cover a mechanical test as well?
  14. Hey nice work on the L's, good luck with finding a bike too. How were your L's test? Doing mine on Thursday, a little nervous!
  15. Don't go by such low standards. To get a BLUE slip for my bike they checked lights indicators and brake light, didn't even check horn :S They didn't even ask me to turn the bike on.
  16. Anyone got any thoughts on the $3700 48,059km Victorian Black/White ZX-2R listed on bikesales (can't post links yet).

    Do the km's seem a bit much for the asking price?