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Got my L's now need some Gear/bike advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rvpkash, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Got my L's today from ride-tek and now im researching how to get started.

    firstly, my situation.

    I'm only getting my licence so I am able to ride when I travel overseas (soon in asia and south america in the future) I don't have a big desire to ride on Australian roads, so i guess that means i don't want to shell out on pro gear. My budget is less than $3k to get everything.

    so regarding gear;

    I've look around online and aside from buying second hand leathers it seems that to get decent gear i should head to AMX/peter stevens clearance or something of that ilk, but are there brands i should steer clear of from these places? for instance AMX july sale catalogue has 'racer x' jackets from $289 to $99. are they junk? I've also read some mixed reviews of bikers gear australia who seem to have cheap stuff, but will it keep my safe if i step off? keeping in mind im on a students budget so getting alpine star everything isn't really an option.

    Do i go leather? or mesh? i don't really know.

    So any help/advice here would be great. All i'm 100% certain on is buying a brand new helmet.

    Looking to spend around $1k on gear

    Re: Bike.

    That leaves about $2k for a bike.

    I've seen some cb250s for around that and some mid 2000s cbr125s (which i did some of my L's on a like to ride)

    Any tips here? I'm fairly mechanically minded and have bought used cars before, i've read one of the massive articles here on netrider about things to check before hand but without being familiar with bikes its a bit difficult to know what is being referred to all the time.

    Is 125cc too small? It doesn't really accelerate super quickly.

    Sorry for the long post but you could probably tell i'm a bit lost and any help would be totally helpful!
  2. You asked a couple of questions but I have trouble getting past "I have no desire to ride on Aus roads". So this means when you will not only be riding in an unfamiliar environment but probably doing it as a relative noob. Personally I would try to get my experience here rather than be trying to learn to ride somewhere strange where you are getting lost and dealing with all sorts of other strange and unfamiar things which are taking up your concentration.

    Leather or textile - In my view textile is probably more comfortable and definitely more waterproof. I wear it but if you are sliding down a road at speed then nothing is going to beat leather. Also longer term I have bought the likes of draggins and textile and they wear out and eventually you need to buy again. In the long run leather is probably cheaper.

    AMX have some good brand gear at reasonable prices (within your budget). If you buy the better known brands you should be OK. Remember also some shops give Netrider discount. Always ask. The worst that can happen is you don't get it. Also talk to other people about their gear first, see what they like and don't like about it.

    125cc is small. CB250's (I am going to get killed at home for this) are not much better. If you are touring with luggage and hit a hill or head wind then you will struggle to do the speed limit. However my partner took her CB250 on the Tassie trip last year and (almost) kept up with Brownyy et al. However if you are touring then I would get a bigger bike if you can afford it. If you can't afford it then you'll have to make do and at least they do seem to be reliable.
  3. Since your only going to ride overseas then I suggest you also buy your gear from there as it will work out to be much cheaper than here and you also won't have to lug it around with you on your travels.
  4. Personally, I'd be trying to clock up as much experience in Australia prior to riding overseas.

    The riding conditions in Asia are well.... MANIC to say the least, and I'd want to be getting as much experience and building my confidence as much as I could before even considering attempting to ride some of those roads.
  5. yeah sorry for the confusion guys, i do intend to ride in australia as much as i can before i leave for my first trip in feb and will be riding everywhere it is possible simply for experience

    what i meant by that part of the post is that i dont see myself on a bike religiously - but that could all change after i get a bike!

    im not super keen on going fast but will a 250 really not get up hills in a head wind?

    regarding the gear, since i'm new its difficult for me to know if the brands are good or not, ive only heard of a few (which are all super $)

    are the specific features i should be looking for? Is it ok to trust the sales staff at amx etc?
  6. Yes you can trust the sales staff at amx. I like you had no idea went to amx and they looked after me both with the right choice of gear and price.

    It all depends on your budget.
  7. Most 250's will be fine although clearly slower than bigger bikes. But you mentioned the CB 250 which is probably the most underpowered on the market. My partner definitely struggled to do 100kph into a strong headwind on a GOR ride a year or so back. And in Tassy she had trouble being stuck behind cars and not having enough power to get by.

    And if you aren't doing the speed limit then you are being overtaken by cars which are. Some of whom won't care how badly they cut in on you.

    Unfortunately you are at the low end of the market for LAMS bikes and you probably won't get much for your money.
  8. thanks for the help, i think i'll save a bit more and see what i can stretch too.

    Any tips for gear?

    edit - would an older cbr 250 or kawa gpx205r be better?
  9. I see what you are saying... but the impression I get is this guy is basically gonna be learning road skills, and unless he is going to take his bike overseas with him, would he need anything that will fang around over 100 on Australian roads, particularly with him still being on his L's and whatnot?
  10. Hey dude,

    I'm going to have to warn you about 1 thing mate, if you want to ride legally in SE Asia or S America you will need a full riders license here, otherwise the "on the spot fine" is going to set you back a bit. You also can't legally buy those cheap little chook chasers in Vietnam and Thailand anymore, they cracked down on the tour rider trade.

    Now, $2Grand ain't a lot of mullah, but if you have the time and the patience you might pick up a bargain. I got my first bike for $800, an old ZZR with some love scratches and no RWC.

    Think at the low end of the scale. You don't see yourself riding on roads in Aus, so you want to be looking at bikes that suit where you want to go. They ride very small bikes in Asia, so maybe you might like to go grab yourself a postie bike to get the right sort of experience.


    Good condition, not a "cool" bike, but that's not what you're looking for is it?

    $1K is a good amount for gear, grab yourself:

    # RJays lid (or something around the lower budget mark) - they are all safe, they all meet a minimum high standard so the rest of the sell is just comfort.

    # some kevlar jeans (get Draggins, not Hornee or Sartso) or RJays leather pants...really this is optional, I have crashed without Kevlar jeans a few times and haven't done a great deal of damage to my legs

    # An Rjays leather jacket (avoid textile, only useful in summer when its hot, not great for a long slide)

    # Leather gloves with palm sliders and knuckle protection (Your hands will take a beating in a fall if any part of you does)

    Cheapie boots that ride up past your ankle with a zipper or something, just buy whatevers comfortable, try going to target for them as well.

    Reall just think about getting a cheap trail bike, postie or a scooter and rack up some experience.

    I recommend a lot of RJays stuff because it is reasonably reliable but a real budget biker brand.

    Anyway, all the best dude and good luck with getting started!
  11. Get the most expensive helmet you can afford!!
    You only buy a $10 helmet for a $10 head!!!

    Edit - Not a big fan of Rjays. Bought a pair of gloves, threads started to come adrift within 6 months.
    Helmet. Rubber trim around neck came off within 4 months
  12. The first lot of gear I got was with roughly the same budget.

    I got... Nolan Full face helmet (can't remember model) $250 - safe, comfy and cheap.

    Dririder Climate Control 2 Jacket - now $199 - good for all weather but havent tested it in a slide 8-[

    Draggin Jeans $200-$250

    Collins Gloves $79 - have had 2 pairs of these now and love them!

    I started out with police issue boots as I knew the supplier, then got some RJays for $250

    Also don't forget some waterproof gear, I got a Motodry 1 piece rain suit $79 - pain to take on and off but completely waterproof!

    This stuff may or may not suit you but not a bad place to start. :)