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Got my L's now I got my Bike - Well Scooter anyhow

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by naturegirl, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Yippeee, decision decisions, decisions.

    I sat on all sorts of bikes and scooters and then finally decided on a Yamaha Vino - the handle bars and headlight are bike / cruiser like and the rest is a scooter.

    Ideal for a shorty like me. I'll get lots of practice, get my P's maybe in a year..I"m not in a hurry and then I'll look at a bike.

    The Pagsta was the next one - almost decided on that, because it was light weight and low enough for me. Unlike the Virago it didn't have any sticking out bits to bruise my leg.

    Now I just have to wait till its ready, hopefully by the weekend....too bad it wasn't ready for Tuesday, since its a day off here in Melb :(

    Here's my Bike

    Hope I'm allowed to link like that, its on Scoota Citys's website where I bought my bike, Got a good deal I thought. $4290 on the road brand new :)

    :grin: :grin:
  2. And you spent another grand a nice new helmet/jacket/gloves etc too I hope :grin:
  3. Yep I'm a first time rider but not new to bikes....:)

    Sooo yes I have a helmet, pants, gloves and I spoilt myself and bought a nice new jacket :LOL: - all wet weather gear too !

    All I need is a nice pair of boots.....I have boots but not riding ones. Will shop next week for those.......:)
  4. That thing is really cute.. nice buy!
  5. *chuckles*

    I'm sure I'll hear all about it tomorrow...but congrats :)