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Got my L's, now for a bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Dehon, May 3, 2005.

  1. Just passed my L's recently and am now looking for a bike to buy. So far the possible options are:

    a) 2005 Suzuki GS500F $8500 ride away (no accessories - could possibly get the salesman to throw something in perhaps)
    b) 2003 Kawasaki ER5 $8000 (includes rack/bag, bikini fairing, 3500km on clock)
    c) 2002 Kawasaki ZZR250 $6000 (rack/bag, disk lock, trophy cover, 3000km on clock)

    Just spent $1000 on protective gear so just concentrating on a bike now.

    Now, considering that I am approx 6'1" tall, can people provide me with any pros/cons on any of the above bikes. eg what do you think of the bike, reliable or not, be a good fit for my height or not, which would be the better learner bike, is liquid cooling really better than air cooling if i am not in bumper to bumper sort of traffic day in day out, any other bikes you would think might be better.

    Any opinions/advice/thoughts much appreciated for a first time bike buyer.


  2. Hi Trav, welcome to netrider

    I just bought a new GS500F K4 in Adelaide 4 1/2 weeks ago. Cost $7490 +ORC. Bike had sat in showroom for 9 mths 3.6Km on clock.

    Dealers that still have 2004 stock of 500F's would prob. do you a good deal.

    Very reliable twin, air cooled in Canberra should not be a problem.

    For $8500 you should get more than 'just something' thrown in.

    $8500 is RRP............never pay RRP

    250's could be a bit small and underpowered for someone 6'1"

  3. I have ridden a gs500 for a couple of years now and the bike has been very reliable, even with over 100,000 on the clock.

    I must say you will notice a differance between a 250 and a 500, its not just power but the bike feels better on the road, seems less eratic for some reason. but maybe thats just me.

    I hope this helps and welcome to the forums
  4. Absolutely.... GS500 good reliable bike. I hope I'm still riding mine when it's got 100,000 on the clock.

    Watercooled bikes in Canberra would prob. need antifreeze in winter.
  5. By the way I have NEVER had a prob with the bike over heating (even when it was drasticly low on oil).
  6. Thanks for those replies. I must admit I am very much biased to a bike with fairings, even though it would probably cost more to repair if you were to put it down. The ZZR and the GS500F sure do look pretty sweet.

    So then my dilemna comes down to whether I go a 250 or a 500....will I be happy with a 250 over a long term period if I go that way.....
  7. IMHO...... I'd go for the 500, if you start on a 250, you may find its limitations as you become more proficient e.g. power/weight, and then you'd want to buy a bigger bike.
    Get a 500 and you save yourself one buy/sell step.
  8. if you have the option (us vics dont) DEFINATELY go the 500. it'll feel a lot more solid, esp for a bloke your size and it'll keep you happy for a lot longer. you want have this almost uncontrollable urge to go buy a bigger bike if you've already got something with a pair of knackers :wink:

    dont write off older 2nd hand bikes tho either, theres some great bikes out there. try the hyosung 650 (comet i think?), and the bandit 400 and XJR 400 aswell, those 400s absolutely hammer for their size, and handle almost like a 250 :D
  9. i haven't seen any of the xjr 400's for sale here in australia

    did see a BMW GS650 Dakar while i was in albury on the weekend that is supposedly learner legal. $15k though, nice but.....
  10. Just a quick update, slapped a deposit on a 2005 Suzuki GS500F the other day and should be able to pick it up in a week subject to finance (can't imagine there would be any problems). Funnily enough haven't actually ridden the bike yet but feels good just sitting on it and I'm confident it will suit me well...

    So now I am shit scared, this being my first bike and never having ridden on the road before. Going to be nerve wracking riding it home from the shop....

    So if you might be able to humour a soon to be bike owner, how should I be riding the bike for the first 1000km ? Taking it easy, etc ?

    What sort of care should I be taking with the bike? Do I need to lube the chain after every ride?

  11. G'day Dehon

    My early riding was always done with an experienced friend leading the way naturally I can't admit to being quite so knowledgable. Initially I'd give riding in peak hour a miss, particularly here in Canberra what with these tailgating lunie cages and at least 4 riders down this week alone, at least until you get accustomed to the bike, how it handles, etc. If you're looking for someone to hook up with for a sunday ride drop me a line via ian@healthinsite.gov.au.

  12. Hi Dehon,
    When you get your NEW bike.
    Page 22 of Owners manual says

    0 - 800K below 5000rpm
    800 - 1600 K below 8000rpm
    1600+K below 10000rpm

    I've just ticked over 2000K on mine and only took it to 9000 today

    DONT baby it, the engine has to be put under some stress and heat, but not too much.

    Lube your chain every 500K, buy a can of spray on wax (possibly parrafin based) like Castrol - put bike on centre stand - only takes a few minutes.

    BTW what colour did you get?

    Another 500F owner.......COOOOOOOL
  13. This is the exact colour scheme on the bike I have ordered.

    Yeah that's what I was thinking too. Initially I was only planning to ride late afternoons when the traffic has died down, just practice riding up and down the street or in the local car park. Then getting a bit more into some light traffic once I had gained some confidence.

    Might take you up on that offer of the sunday rides, pending the better halfs permission... :LOL:
  14. Hi Trav, congrats on the L's & welcome to the forum.
  15. Hey Dehon,

    I'm a Canberra boy too and just bought my near new 2005 GS500F with only 1000k's on it. I had my first ride today and that was pretty nerve racking, but LOVED it all the same. How are things going with you?

    I'm so glad I went the 500, I think I would've died on a 250.
  16. When bedding in any engine, weather it be in a car, truck or bike, just remember to frequently load the engine up a little where possiable, for examply going up a hill, use a gear that will require a little more torque.... this will help bed the rings in properley, and also just pay attention to the recomended rev useage sugested by the manufacture. I would also recomend being carefull when using the brakes too, I baught a new Kawasaki last year, and lost count of the times I locked up the rear wheel, it just takes getting used to. Ride cautiously and just give yourself plenty of space around you. good luck mate :)
  17. Congrats on the Ls.
    imho it's always going to be the best value for money to buy a cheap second hand bike on your ls, sell it when you get your opens and buy something decent then. Much cheaper than buying an $8000 bike now and losing $4k on it when you could have bought a $2000 bike and lost $1k on it and still end up with a hayabusa in a years time.
  18. Grats on your new ride. I'm very happy with mine although sadly put a few scratches on it when I hit a slick on a roundabout and dropped it. A welcome(??) reminder to be a bit more wary on taking corners when looking into the sun.

    Personally I'm not fussed about having bought mine brand new, the reason I got my 500 was I had no plan on upgrading it for a long time, unlike if I had bought a 250.

    Need to get my P's sorted out though, been on my Ls for over 12 months now.... :shock: