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Got my L's! Looking at vtr 250's. Question regarding km's.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Liq, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Hi there. Well, passed my rider safe course (SA) and now i'm on my L's.

    Even the lil Yam 225's had me catching bugs with my teeth. Grin from ear to ear.

    anyway, looking at a VTR 250 in town, 2005 model, with 20,000 odd km's. full service history (not that paper cant be faked) but seems to be in good condition. Hoses in good order, discs not scored/cracked, tyres slightly worn but big chicken strips, nothing leaking that shouldnt be.

    questions : Coming from cars, i dont know much about the "longevity' of bikes. Is 20,000km rather "high" from a bike point of view, or, given an "Average" lifetime, not too bad?

  2. Good choice in bike :grin:

    20,000km is nothing at all if the bike has been looked after.

    Couple of things though, Check that the service history checks out, ask about and check for any signs of being dropped/crashed, and get someone who knows bikes to have a look at it with you - or if you don't know anyone pay to have it inspected at the local bike workshop.

    Good luck
  3. Re: Got my L's! Looking at vtr 250's. Question regarding km

    Most jap 250's should be able to do at least 80,000km, so that bike is young yet.

    7000km/year sounds pretty average for a couple of weekend rides and occasional commuting.
  4. There ain't much that you can't do on the lil old VTR. Just ask jp86 who at present is honking round the Alps with the Musketeers, and he's still on L plates :shock:.
  5. thanks guys.

    Good news seeing as I plan to keep it perhaps 2 years, tops.

    Beautiful bikes.
  6. :LOL: And what a ride it was! Those roads were just amazing :grin: In regards to the VTR, they are just a solid little bike. Like the others have said, 20,000km isn't much at all, just keep doing the regular services and it will reward you in spades.
  7. how much are they asking for the bike?
    20,000km is nothing, relax. mine was jsut shy of 30,000 and i had NO trouble selling it.
    the current VTR250 i have i plan on keeping for a fair while, probably do 50,000km a year on it :cool: i dont see why they cant head to 150,000km as long as serviced well etc, no worries.

    and dont worry about any cosmetic damage on a bike, especially if its your first bike.
    the one i currently own, went down on its side, scratches on the pipe and few other places, mirror, instrument cluster etc. the bike (mechanical) works fine, and just use this as a bargaining tool.

    may i reccomend Dougz's VTR250 for sale, go check it in the For Sale thread. farking bargain!!! id buy it but ive got one haha.

    good choice on bikes though, you will enjoy it :grin:
  8. asking about $5800 for it. It's absolutely mint.

    But my heart is slowwwwly getting torn apart by the new ninja :p

    I literally cant decide, even all my mates are split 50/50 (though the girls all prefer the ninja.....) lol
  9. That's a pretty good price, although I'd still try to bargain it down anway, it's always worth a try. The new Ninja's are nice aswell, but if you buy brand new your probably going to lose 2-3k at resale, whereas you could sell the VTR in a year and easily get 5k for it.
  10. the ninja hastn changed in 20 years, mind you neither has the VTR in 30 years, although the VT250F did have a bikini fairing and had a drum rear brake.
    if its been looked after, and continues to be looked after it will easily see past 100,000kms without out drama, perhaps with the exception of the water pump and CCT's, but i wouldnt worry about them untill well after 60,000kms. check if it has an oversize rear sprocket, a few teeth ok, but 5 or more and engine wear is seriously accelerated.
    engine is not the worry, honda engines are good, honda outsourced bits and peices are shit. stem bearings, discs, clutch etc will probably need replacing around the 45,000-60,000km mark.
  11. yeah the hondas the smart buy...
    Also i know the ninja's will be worth half the showroom price in 12 months as theres so many newbies on them the markets going to be FLOODED.

    But still.

    lol. The stupid. It burns.