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Got my Ls, joined Netrider forum, now I just need a bike!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lorien, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been reading posts for over a week now and reading about riding is making the itch to ride even worse! :shock:

    Anyway, my name's Fiona, I'm 30 and live in ol' Melbourne-town. I rode pillion on a Harley FXR for three years back in high school/uni and finally decided that it was time to have my own fun! Unfortunately, I had a bad spill on the first day at HART, injured my shoulder pretty badly. This shook my confidence quite a bit, but went back a month later to try again. Long story short, I finally got my Ls but must admit that I'm two minds about getting out there on the roads.

    It's really frustrating to have everyone telling you dangerous it is and then continue on with all their gruesome stories when all you wanted to do was share the excitement of passing the test! At least here on the forum, there isn't this immediate reaction. But there are still a lot of tragedies. :(

    That said, there is a great community here of riders and everyone seems to know why they're out there riding. Or planning on riding, like me. I just need the gear and the bike!

    Yeeesh, this post ended up longer than I planned! :eek: :grin:

  2. congratulatins, and good on you for getting back there and getting that l's!!
  3. Hey there Lorien,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Netrider...
    Well done and Congrats on passing your test... :grin: You must be sooo excited!

    When i passed mine, i swear i called everyone im my mobile! hehe :p
    If you ever need company on bike shopping (not that i know much) or want to go for a slow/easy ride when you get a bike, let me know and i would more than happy to help!

    A stack certainly does shake your confidence but you have to remember that these things happen and you just have to get back up again...

    Good luck with everything and keep us updated!

    -Jamie :wink:
  4. Welcome abourd Fi, stick with us you'll be right, or at least we'll pick you up when you fall over after we stop laughing :)
  5. Hi Lorien, congrats on getting your Ls. Its a good feeling when you pass, even better when you get a bike! Any clue what sort of bike youll get?
    Welcome to the forum! :grin:
  6. Congratulations and welcome Fiona !!!
  7. That's the way! Yes, always a supportive bunch us NR's.

    There's bound to be a Learners ride soon, over lovely roads out East.

    There's also a mentoring group available if you need someone to help or just be support for when you take that first ride out..

    Other than that, just shout out, no end of very friendly and helpful people here who will do whatever they can to assist.

    Good luck and hope to see you out there soon!
  8. Hi Fiona, and welcome! :grin:

    Don't forget the Netrider coffee nights (ssh - you can turn up even if you don't have a bike yet!).
  9. hey you didnt tell me that!! come and get me next time, someone.. anyone..

    anyhoo back on topic, welcome!! i go for my L's on the 30th and i love this forum \:D/ glad to hear that you got your L's , good luck with the shopping for your bike, thats the best part!!
  10. Yiasoo Fi,

    Every fall is a lesson. Once learnt you will never do it again. You've had your fall, now it's time to get out there and enjoy this once chance :)

    Sing out if you ever wanna go for a ride, we'll just organise a slow paced one for ya :)

    Easy peezy ;)
  11. Hi Fiona, welcome to Netrider, and congrats on the L's! Do you have any particular bikes in mind?
  12. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! :)

    As for what type of bike... mostly something I can afford. Beyond that, something that I can drop without worrying about damaging the fairings, etc. Not that I plan on dropping the bike, but I figure I'll be less likely to if I'm not nervous about that, too! ;)

    But nothing too ugly, either. Maybe something like the Honda CD250.

    Here's one:

    At the moment, it's a moot point, since I don't have any money saved up yet! :)
  13. Hi Fiona.. I'm like you.. just got my L not long ago.. saw a couple of people stack at the HART when I wasdoing my training.. no big deal.. better to stack there then on the actual road.. at least you know what you've done wrong and learn from it.. I nearly fell over when I ran wide on a corner and hit the grass..

    Which suburb are you in? Check out the BIKES FOR SALE section.. there is a nice Suzuki Bandit there which is great for learners like us.. hope it's still available for sale tho..
  14. Congrats on getting your L's. Come the time you have your bike there will be a learner ride for you to join in, it will be fun. The beauty of attending a course is that you can stack as much as you can, its better there than on public roads ;).
  15. Ha! Maybe it was me you saw that stacked! Do you go to Tullamarine for the course?

    I'm near Syndal. You?

    Trying not to look at too many bikes at the moment. Gotta wait 'til there's some funding to sponsor the dreaming! ;)
  16. Maybe it was me!
  17. Welcome Fiona to the madhouse.
    Just think that you have your first fall out of the way, so thats gotta be a plus.

  18. Na.. I did mine last weekend at Kilsyth HART. There were 5 ladies there and 1 injured her knee, pull out from her training, 3 failed the tests and only 1 pass..

    I am not far off Syndal as well.. good to see another learner around..
    Keep looking for bikes.. :LOL: :LOL:
  19. I wish it was just the one fall. It's a long and sordid tale... no, actually, it's just long and embarrassing. I didn't even make it to lunch on the first day, first go. Shoulder was so badly injured, it ached for two weeks straight and only got full (but still painful) movement back 4 weeks later. But went back for another go at the two-day course, this time with my sister. Made it through both days, with only one minor stack on the emergency stop. But failed the test! I thought that I went outside the line on the left turn and kinda gave up too early. Didn't stop in the box. Apparently, I was okay on the turn, but.... So I went back for the retest 2 weeks later and passed.

    So two stacks, three goes at it. Could be worse, coulda been heaps better!

    But never, never, NEVER was I tempted to try the scooter instead. :p
  20. Third time lucky :)

    Glad you didn't jump on 1 of the posty bikes either. :grin: