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Got my L's Hart Honda - Helmet Choice

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by WantFreedom, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I just did the 2 day learner course with Hart Honda at Kilstyh was a great course exactly what I was looking for, pretty much 85% learning to ride and practicing numerous different bike riding skills, the instructors where very knowledgeable and approachable and really provided great feedback to the riders, I recommend this course to others who have never ridden or know nothing about a motorbike its money well spent, and yes I passed!!!!!!!!!


    After reading numerous helmet threads I realised at HART Honda I was wearing a Nolan helmet all the time during this time I never felt uncomfortable and never gave me a headache it was quite comfortable, it was a little tight around the cheeks but not bad tight just comfortable but was told it was meant to be like that.

    Should I look at buying a Nolan helmet seeing I pretty much wore it for 2 hour intervals at HART over the weekend so I know it might be a good helmet for me? or should I just try others and do the 15 minute test in bike shops?

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  2. Congrats on passing firstly! Secondly, helmets at HART would be fairly used so will be looser than normal, so even if you like it I would definitely suggest trying on a new one (plus others) at your bike shop just to make sure you're happy with the fit as new.
  3. :DCongrats on getting your L's, let the fun begin
  4. Well done on passing. The guys at Kilsyth are pretty good.
    Definitely try a few different makes and models on. Every shell and insert are a little different and ,as mentioned by chilli above, its a bit like a pair of bowling shoes or roller skates that have been worn 100 times.
  5. I knew a girl like that once
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  6. I think theres a few blokes like that on netrider as well
  7. Yeah, the ex-cons bikers club subset.....:woot:
  8. The 15 minute test isn't that practical if you try on a few helmets. You know pretty quickly if one is comfortable and most salespeople can get the size right. AMX is a good place to start as they don't have many staff and you won't get too much pressure. PS have a lot of helmets but you can get the hard sell there. They might not have Nolans. Bikemart in Ringwood is pretty good.
  9. I was worried about trying other brands for 15 minutes and it feels ok but after an hour or two you might not feel so good which I won't know to I'm either at home or on the road and I don't know what the return policy is on helmets if that happens as I don't really want to sit at home with my helmet on for 2 hours seeing how it goes so I can take it back if I need to but if I have to do that I will.

    Yeah I was looking at Bikemart they have quite a good range of stock but also thinking of getting my gear from Bikers Gear Australia in Ferntree Gully - http://bikersgearaustralia.com.au/ as its like 2 minutes down the road from me.
  10. You would generally feel it pretty quickly if a helmet doesn't fit your head shape at all. Hence the need to try before buy. Those that do fit your head may need more time to check pressure spots etc, but the initial fit does eliminate certain helmets and makes your choice that much simpler.
  11. My first helmet was from Bikers Gear, THH TS39. A reasonable helmet. I have since been fitted with a smaller and more expensive helmet. A new helmet should almost feel too tight as it will loosen. Try the Nolan, but forget brand names, ask to wear a few different types, and find a comfortable one - if you feel uncomfortable pressure points, it's not for you.

    I'm not that far from you and can run a bit of practice, and lead you for a hill ride or two when ready, but make sure you get to Saturday practice.
  12. if you wear glasses make sure they don't ride up
    the glasses that is not your nickers
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  13. Can you still buy Kbc in Australia? Love my vr2r but can't find new ones around
  14. welcome board :] congrats on passing :] as for the helmets as others have said go to a shop/s and try plenty
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  15. Congrats on the Ls. Here's my 0.002 bitcoins worth. I did the same HART course & couldn't find a helmet at Kilsyth that didn't give me a headache after 15 mins. Went to Peter Stevens in the city, they have a big range. I have a long thin skull, I reckon I was a forceps birth. Think Aliens. I explained that to the bloke at PS & he said there would only be 2 brands that would fit. But we started at the cheap end and worked our way through the lot. I could tell straight away if a helmet was too tight somewhere on my bonce. Maybe try the next size up and find then it was too loose in one direction. Ended up with one of the brands the bloke thought would fit. Unfortunately the only one in my size was a limited edition top of the range. It does sometimes feel a little tight around the cheeks when I first put it on, but it's never been an issue. Lot more give there compared to your forehead. Long story short, just try them on, you'll know straight away if it's tight. Maybe try the next size up. Some brands have different shapes in various models. If you manage to get a knowledgeable salesperson you can cut the time down. Oh & if you plan to ride when it's cold, try to get one with a visor that takes Pinlock antifog inserts (most do) good if you like to see outside the helmet in winter.
  16. PS talked me into the helmet I have now. it was cheaper than the one I was looking at. So I totally agree with Al_CamAl_Cam.
  17. Brokeback riders
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    I ended up getting a AGV K-3 from Bikers Gear Australia in Ferntree Gully I tried it on and felt really good and still feels good when riding the bike and fits my big head just fine plus it compliments me by only needing a large not an Xtra Large lol!

    After getting home and searching the helmet online surprisingly gets very good reviews for the price so happy with my first bike helmet :)
  19. That would be awesome! I would really appreciate that as the more I can learn the better :)

    I will get to Saturday practice eventually but still need to get my confidence up and practice a little more before getting among lots of traffic. as I don't feel confident to ride from Ferntree Gully to Elwood just yet.

    At the moment I'm riding around early mornings 6:30am onwards around the streets, Dorset Rd, Burwood Highway and Scoresby Rd plus hitting up some car park areas to practice a few things :) this was only my first weekend I actually went for a proper ride
  20. Riding around familiar places is a good start. Knowing Dorset, Scoresby & Burwood very well they're pretty major roads, so once you've had a bit of experience in traffic on those across to Elwood won't be much different. I actually enjoyed the first ride down to Saturday Cones extending the adventure a little late more.