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Got my L's and my new bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Icka, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone, just thought that I'd share my joy of getting my L's and my new bike. Bought a black Hyosung GT250R from Stafford Motorcycles. I chickened out and didnt ride it home but have been riding around the block to get use to it..... loving every ride. :grin:

  2. Icka,

    Did the same well almost, GT250 and Ls all in the last week. Have fun I did the commute into the CBD today from Mt Martha, now that was hairy :biker:

    Cheers and keep the shiny side up!~
  3. Good onya dude.

    Welcome to the Hyosung family. Happy & Safe riding...
  4. Congratulations guys!

    Did you buy your bike before you got your L's?

    I'm going for mine on Friday and hoping to have a bike for the weekend...which means I'll need to buy one this week!
  5. hey congrats on the nice bike....enjoy! :)
  6. the long wait

    Hi got my L's on the Friday and then had to wait untill the next Wednesday to pick it up, the longest 5 days of my life :grin:

    Chose the bike and all the gear well before my L's and organised the finance etc on the Friday. Took 24 hours to get the finance I just couldn't get off work early untill Wednesday, well I said I was working from home, love broadband :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    People said I should test ride bikes before buying one, well with only a few hours experience I would not have been able to work out which was good or not. Chose the Hyosung after reading many forums and speaking to riders of different bikes.

    The confusing array of bikes available was tough but I quickly removed bikes that did not fit my criteria, well my posteriour. 6'2" and 95 kgs not many 250s would fit.

    It was easier to discount the riding gear than the bike so got it all at one shop.

    Have fun and good luck on the test, easy peasy just read the book the rest is intuitive.
  7. I put some money down on it then got my L's. There wasnt many around in the GT250R. Stafford Motors only had 3 left and i had to reserve one. They look mean. Have to say that i've been very happy with it so far. Even my mates who have been riding for ages were impressed. One thing with this bike is that it doesn't look like a 250... looks more like a 650. Hopefully will have photos up really soon.

    As for my gear, I didnt buy it from the same place. I went to New World Honda in Berwick and saw Sam Howe who gave my brother and I a really good deal on the gear. It cost me approx $1400 and I was fully kitted with helmet, gloves, boots and draggin jeans.... My brother did get a bit more expensive gear but it came to about the $1400 each.

  8. Congrat's

    and love your digital dash
  9. Well done. Welcome to a fantastic new world. I have been riding a year and started at 34 and wish like buggery that I had started earlier. Such good fun and it has come to define what I do outside of work.

    Nothing chicken about having the bike delivered. I did the same and considered it a smart option instead of riding my first bike, with more power(albeit a 250) than anything I had riden before, in peak hour city traffic with about 1 hour total experience riding. Thats seemed just crazy. Once I had the bike at home I spent the first hour riding very slowly around quiet suburban streets within 2 blocks of my house to avoid any serious traffic. Next day when I hit a major road and went over 40, it was a bit hairy which confirmed I had made a good choice not riding the bike home from the shop.
  10. congrats and great to see another hyosung owner. I reckon they are a top bike.. stay safe.. :grin:
  11. wow! beautiful looking bike! gratz mate!
  12. Welcome :) Nice bike, those Hyosung's look awesome in black
  13. Your all pussies. :p

    I picked up my first big bike this morning and rode it up Elizabeth st and sydney road, and then on free way back to Hawthorn. All you have to do is look out and remember every other driver IS the worst driver in the world. I had a guy pull out in front of me in a yellow van. I flipped the lid up and went to say something and he said "shit sorry, i'm a bike rider. I should have known better." I just laughed and hooned off.

    Only other experience was on my chook chaser but i guess thats something.

    Good luck and have fun with the new toy!
  14. I got my first bike in geelong and had to ride it back to Albury NSW that day...
  15. Well done. Nice bike in black. Love it and it will love you.