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Got my L's and a new bike this week!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mikedela, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I went for my first ride on the roads today! And after all the flack i've been getting from my family, and having to constantly justify my reasons for getting a bike(cbr250rr) I finally and truly feel that it is all worth it. Thanks netrider for helping me out with all my biking questions!!!

    Catch you guys on the road. :grin:
  2. Good on you! Now, be careful, don't get cocky and show them their fears are unfounded!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Most of us have been thru similar shite with our nearest and dearest - it's all worth it in the end! Enjoy...
  4. congratulations! happy riding!
  5. Sweet mate nothing like it except for when ya get to chuck the Ls in the bin .

    Enjoy it. I stuck to the back roads for the first few times before i went out with traffic.

    You certainly know it when ya out amongst it.

    Just keep ya eyes open champ and well done.

    Now give us all a pic of this bike you got.
  6. Congrats on seeing through a dream, we can all identify with the first ride feeling, for me it's never faded, even though it was 32 years ago.

    Stay safe, and get out on some of our group rides, you'll learn heaps....

    {where are you, incidentally, and, yeah, we want piccies!!!}
  7. Top stuff mate, you've picked a sweet ride too (for next next year or anyway!), take it easy mate and enjoy yourself. And show us some pics
  8. Well done mikedela, yeah we all have the ones who try to talk you out of it or have a crack like ''temporary australian" (arent we all?) i certainly did.

    Just take it easy out there, learn at your own pace and have fun!`

    Oh yeah wheres the pics?
  9. Enjoy the first of many, they get better.
  10. thanks guys for your comments!!! I've already had a few rides since my last post and loving it, although I have restricted myself to the back streets for the present. I'm hoping to make a debut in some 'real' traffic conditions on sunday morning. I'll post a photo of the bike as soon as i figure out my digi.

    Oh by the way, i live in Rowville. Safe riding!