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Got my Ls & a VTR!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by smidge, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. sorted out purchasing a 2nd hand VTR250 today! looking forward to picking it up tomorrow morning. Hopefully it won't be too wet and rainy so i'll have a good trip home.

    Did my pre-learners a few weeks ago and wanted to grab a bike while the knowledge was fresh and to enjoy the nice weather

    i picked up a leather jacket and good quality arai helmet. The only thing i've yet to purchase is some tough pants or dragin jeans so thats next on the list. Some heavy denim jeans and boots will make do tomorrow..

    not planning to commute on it just yet so it will stay a weekend thing while i get my skills up, i've enjoyed reading alot of the threads on this particular forum to get an idea of what new riders face when starting out...

    hopefully i won't be any 'i crashed/dropped it!' threads any time soon!

    might stick a photo in here once i've got the bike and cleaned it up a little
  2. Congrats! I know that excited feeling before the first bike :D hope you have loads of fun and ride safe!
  3. Congrats on your l's & the new bike.

    If you could update your location that would help with an info coming your way.

    Anyway, enjoy your ride home tomorrow & be safe.
  4. a tip i could give to anyone else who just got their L's is that its a good idea to sort out all your gear before hand... its a good feeling knowing i can show up tomorrow not having to worry about finding stuff that fits and being pressured into buying stuff

    i took my time and got some good deals on the protective gear!
  5. Welcome to the nuthouse.

    Be safe out there, and enjoy your new bike.

    I was the same had all my gear because I got my L's. I think I still have my first pair of leather pants in the cupboard :LOL: Anyway enjoy and hope to meet you out at coffee one day or on a ride.
    Cheers Lou
  6. :woot: Enjoy, I can feel your excitement
  7. Welcome Bro :grin: come and joint us when you ready for group riders.
  8. what a day!!

    everything that could have happened to a new rider did..

    1. rain
    2. traffic TONS of it!
    3. trucks in said rain and traffic
    4. camry driver pulling out obviously not seeing me (lucky i saw him)
    5. jacket started to unzip itself in 80 zone and got cold
    6. pants got soaked

    but wow i am hooked!

    loving the bike i think i did pretty well, high-ish K's but it starts easy and powers along nicely, only got a chance to open it up a little near home and there is plenty of tourque in these things to get you moving along

    here's a pic!

  9. awesome day! did 100kms...

    its official... i don't like traffic :)

    all the riding i did today that wasn't around traffic was awesome cause i got to really enjoy the bike and get to know it

    im thankful for my dirt bike experience cause the gears and clutch weren't a problem at all (stalled it once though!)

    gotta spend some time practising some quick stops and also some other things i've been reading up on like what to do at intersections etc, trailing brake, making myself visible

    i'd feel like a tool with a flash jacket but i don't have much reflective stuff on my gear at all which makes me feel a little invisible at night!
  10. awesome! That's fantastic. I have just done my learners and loved and hopefull looking to get a VTR myself. I think your post has given me a friendly push along

    Cheers and enjoy
  11. had an awesome weekend of riding.. missing it already haha!

    went through the city, to manly, newtown, down past the airport and a stack of riding around home... about 250ks all up

    didn't intend to do quite so much but sunday was a perfect day for riding and the traffic wasn't too thick

    everything people say about the VTR is true, easy to manage and nice and touquey... has a nice meaty sound to it as well which is a bonus
  12. Hey beaut bike, wish i could afford a VTR! Have some sweet fun on that thing (sounds like you already are :grin: )
  13. Congrats and enjoy mate.

    The VTR is probably the only 250 worth buying.

    Good choice.
  14. Congrats on your Ls AND the bike! Looks great in the shiny black with gold wheels :grin:

    Says the man who had a 250RR? You didn't like it, or you just had it to complete your collection?
  15. Was a project. Been there and done that now.