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Got my License now!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tmg, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. YAY! :grin: Got it yesterday (saturday 25th), we went to the Big Pineapple and did exercises like cornering and slow riding between two points: both standing and sitting, and slalom - to get the feel of manouvering around obstacles.

    After this we headed up towards and turned off at Plamwoods and went along Keil Mountain Road. During this part of the test though one of the guys going for his license (there was four of us L platers tring for it) came off just before we reached the highway. He was OK and he pillioned back to the bike store with the instructor, so the riding part was cut short :(, but we got the chance to ride in the rain and that made it a bit more of a challenge.

    It felt great getting the certificate @ the end of it all, so now I just need to get my license @ the transport department then I can at least give that GSX-R600 I would like to own so badly a whip around the block, but I know I can't get it, I just want a go of it.
  2. Congrats, just take it easy.
  3. :woot: Well done tmg, when you gettin a bike?
  4. good stuff mate
    i got a gsxr 600 and they are a handle....get started on a simple bike and go from there
    all the best mate :grin:
  5. well, I don't know really. I work casual atm and am studying to get into the defence force hopefully, so according to ploicy, I need to hold onto my job for 12 months so I can show the banks that I can, er, hold onto a job?

    Anyway, it looks like I am gonna have to save my dosh and wait till I got the amount I need. I am really considering buying one of the instructors CB400's - he's selling two of them, and one of them has 17,000k's on it and the other one which I am considering, only has 13,000k's on it, which means it will ride a bit smoother.

    In reality though I want to see if I can/could get some sort of financial supplement so I could get around to buying the bike and gear and get out there and ride, as the instructor noted that I shouldn't let my skills deminish and to get a bike ASAP. I would love to but the money situation and elligability to get a loan - which is next to none (unless you guys and gals know a way) - makes things a bit more difficult.

    Do you need to have your own gear in order to test bikes out? I wanna try and keep my skills up by doing this until I get a bike for myself.

    Anyone? I think that's about it for questions about finance. answers and forwarded options welcomed.
  6. Hmm, I wouldn't assume a bike model with 13K on it would mean it rides smoother a model with 17K on it. I'd ride both and see what feels better for you :) If the guy has kept then regularly serviced + maintained, they should both 'be good' but you'd need to ride both just to make sure :)
  7. Well done - now the learning really begins - enjoy
  8. It'll be good learning how to ride better, but scary at the same time coz i will be alone and vulnerable. still really want to get into it tho and get out and be free and feel alive.

    couldn't believe I waited so long to do my test, it felt great to get back on the bike :grin: just wanna get my own now...

    BTW can anyone help with financial options here? I don't want to wait till I save up enough money coz that will take too long with my casual work...please. anyone?