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Got my License :D

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by not_sane, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,
    Went for my RE's (P's for all the guys down south) yesterday at Cycle Right and got it :D.

    8am - 4pm day with 3 others (all girls too..), $275, used their bike,
    Been down there a few times before, twice when i haven't had a lesson, First had coffee with them, bike techniques.. slow ride, figure 8 etc. morning tea/snack while watching a couple of movies, braking, maintenance, cornering etc.
    Out on the road for an hour and half with the 2 instructors- each person riding in front, U turns - 3 different kinds, Hill starts - 2 each.
    Get back, written test, lunch, wait for paperwork, smile, hug.

    They generally will advise you against getting your license with them until they think you are ready, (you can previously have a lessons, 1 hour - $50, inc their bike use).

    I would definitely advise anyone and everyone i know that wants to ride to go with these guys, husband and wife owned business, they'll sell you gear cheap, parts cheap, show anything you want to know, they have maintenance nights for new guys, organise rides for ex students.

    on more then one occasion i've stayed half an hour longer, because i was either doing well and they wanted to show me something or others have little problems with things so they let you go a bit longer. They will go only at the speed they think or you like(hahah they've had grandma's come in and after 2-3 lessons still be in first gear, because thats the speed the older lady wants to go at).

    If you go down there and act like an asshole they'll tell you not to come back.

    If you spend a bit of time with them and notice that all other ex students drop in regularly after rides or are just riding past, you really feel like you have another family, they care that much.

    they are on ricketts rd, birkdale...ish, brisbane bayside/southside - Cycle Right

    seems like a bit of a free plug i know, Just wanted to let people know that these are really great people and i would recommend them and their teaching skills to anyone.

    Got my License :D :D :D :D :D oh... need a bike....... :? :) :? :D :? :) :? :D :)

  2. good on ya u bruz
  3. haha thanks man
  4. Congrats mate.

    :D :D
  5. congrats on your license
  6. Congrats on your licence :)
  7. good work, man!
  8. Great work, congratulations. I like what you said about the attitude that you take with you, that is SO important. Obviously you took the right one. Well done.
  9. Congrats :D :D .......
  10. thanks everyone, :D I hope to see you all out there sometime soon
  11. Good Work :)

    Stay Upright :)

  12. Good news, and a great recommendation for Cycle Right. That sort of endorsement goes right to the heart of what Netrider is for; riders helping riders. Hopefully other QLD riders will also use this facility.
  13. Hey guys,
    I got my license too last sat on the 20th of Aug..
    Just gonna pop over to Qstreet this arvo to get it all approved
    at the DMV.

    I did my qride in 3 days with allister at team moto kawasaki.
    Just giving these guys a shout out for their good work.

    I had absolutley no idea when i started as in,
    no mannal car license and hadn't ridden a pushy in more than 5 years
    and had never been a pillion
    35 hours later i'm a compotent enough rider for these roads.

    I'm also looking for a bike. Hope to get it pretty soon aswell.
  14. Congrats, Praz. Well done. Now the fun begins!!
  15. nice one :) ... hope mine goes as well in one weeks time :)
  16. Congrats on your licence both of you