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got my licence yesterday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by twistngo, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Despite my best efforts to stuff things up I now have a full vic motorcycle licence. I rode so badly in the test I was almost embarassed to get it!
    The best rider in the group high sided in his last swerve in front of me as I was waiting for my test. Good for confidence.
    I also stuffed up a swerve completely but I didn't try to correct it and as I didn't come off I only lost points and still got through.
    A guy on a scooter with no road riding experience got through easily.
    Seems if you can stop a bike without falling off you get a licence down here!
    Don't know if I should be happy I've got it or worried the standard is so low.

  2. Iono, all I know is NSW is pretty tough.

    Hope the highsider was ok!
  3. I got my Ls about a month back. I agree, the standard in Vic is pretty low. Even the Ls test was seriously slack. - You'd be surprised how many in the group failed though! After the course I was like 'gees, I can actually legally ride around on the road now, and I've had all of 14 hours riding experience'. It's a scary thought. I guess now you're thinking 'gees, I can buy a 600 or 1300 if I want in a years time...'

    Apart from that, im looking forward to getting my Ps. Bring on December 22!
  4. Hi people.

    I'm a RiderSafe instructor here in South Oz for level 1 (L's) and level 2 (open class) licences.

    All I can say (and I'm sure that you already know it) is that if you're sitting back just a bit amazed that you passed your test, make sure your first rides are in an abandoned supermarket car park, with a couple of good mates keeping a lookout for stray cars. 6am on a Sunday is about right!

    And likewise, when you ease into traffic, choose a quiet time. Have a fully licensed rider ride behind you if you can, just to cover your back. And don't be tempted to keep up with mates who race off ahead and go faster. Go at your own pace. You'll live longer.

    Anyway, that's enough from Mother Hen for now. I train hundreds of people every year...and I want every one to stay in one piece!

  5. Congrats Twist!

    Yeah - that was my plan, but then how was I supposed to test-ride my first bike so I would have something to practise on? Straight into Ringwood it was! I still can't believe I got the bike back to the shop in one piece. My next ride was at night - not bad 'til I got to the crazy driveway. Then the next time was peak hour! The car park idea was nice, but unless I could magically get the right bike without testing it and have it delivered to a car park - wasn't going to happen.
  6. Congrats, car parks are really good idea's.
    Stay safe
    Cheers Lou
  7. Good points, Pinkxie.

    That "how do I test ride?" thing sure shoots holes in my safety plan, doesn't it? Bugger.

    That's what I get for being an old fart and assuming that everyone has a garage full of bikes lying around ready to ride, eh?

    Glad you came out safe, anyhow!

    Now, back to my pipe and slippers.....
  8. Congrats twistngo! great to be rid of the yellow plate. but yeah keep practicing carparks, I layed the bike down ever so gently the day after I got my Licence. That's the last time I try a U-turn on the grass... good for cushioning though.
  9. :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: Ouch!!! wonder where you were going at that time..

    Not sure about other places, when I got my L at HART, it was pretty strict.. Surely, you can't expect someone to ride like a pro on their L.. As long as you can control the bike in a reasonable manner and they think you are safe enough to gain experience on the road, they will let you go..
  10. well howdy!

    I know that in my L's test here in SA, one person failed & one person was sent home after day one because he was sooooo bad.

    for my P's test, 5 out of 10 people failed.

    i, of course, passed both first try!
  11. Not he carparks in Kyneton!!.... all the bays hav individual kerbing so you can only ride in the lanes.
  12. Congrats twistngo, if you are a little worried a the level of victoria's licencing system for riders just book yourself in for an advanced riders course. Not a cornering course, but one that will teach you and give you more confidenc eon two wheels... a small price to pay to keep you upright.
  13. well done twistngo !
    lots of good point here, i was a little the same, couldnt wait to get out onto the road but was a little scared at first.
    i have a good mate who is an experienced rider, he took me out straight after i got my licence and just rode behind me to cover me from the traffic a little, that worked well for me !
    the only way to get more confidence is to get out there and get some practice.
  14. Congratulations Twistngo :grin: Very timely advise from old blue.

    I just rode around the block for the first week. Then had a friend ride behind me for the next few outings which made a huge difference. It helped me to concentrate on what was infront rather than worry who was behind.

    As paulm-collins said - the only way to build your confidence is to get out there. Sunday mornings are great times to start with.

    Have a great time and stay safe.

  15. Congrats Twistngo - just take it easy until you build your skills. Safe riding.
  16. thanks everyone. I plan to take it easy and use the first year to get some confidence. my neighbour has offered to take me out but he rides a harley....
    anyway I'm working in china for 3 weeks so I can only dream
    ps the guy that high sided was OK. like me he wore some protective gear.
  17. Congratulations Twistngo... I've got my pre-prov test next weekend, then it's straight onto opens!!!